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    An appeal from Drogheda Women’s and Children’s Refuge to the people of Drogheda

    In just a few weeks time, the new Women’s and Children’s Refuge Centre in Drogheda will open it’s doors for the very first time. Over the past year, thanks to the amazing generosity of local people who have supported our Fundraising Events, and the kindness of local groups and organisations who arranged their own fundraising events to help us, we have raised a substantial amount of money. These funds will help us meet the deficit in the funding we received and allow us to complete the building.

    Our next challenge, however, is Fit Out – and once more we’re looking to the local community to help us. The construction of our building was funded but not the purchase of furniture to make these housing units into homes. Our Refuge will have 6 Independent Living Family Units and 6 Short Stay Units and Darren Nugent of Pinewood has already kindly donated 6 triple bunk beds to fit out the children’s rooms in the Family Units.

    If any individuals, groups, organisations or companies could help us in the fit out of our new Refuge, we would be hugely grateful. Perhaps a company would like to sponsor the fit out of a Family Unit, or the Laundry Room, or a Short Stay Room, or one of the kitchens – or on a smaller scale, an individual could help us buy a cooker, or bedding or cutlery, or other household items. Perhaps your company supplies office furniture, or kitchen tables and chairs, or sofas and armchairs and you might be able to donate some of your supplies to us – or even offer us a substantial discount. If you can assist us in any way, either through Corporate Sponsorship or Personal Donations, can you please contact Carrie Cowan (Manager) on 041 9844998 or on

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