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    My name is Maggs and I am hoping to set up a ‘Mumstown’ website in the Wexford / New Ross area. I hope ye don’t mind an outsider intruding on ye’re space :!: As members who use the website and who have made it the success that it is, I would be so grateful for your feedback, comments and opinions.

    I came across ‘Mumstown’ just after Kelly launched it and absolutely loved it. I wish that there had been such a website around when I was moving from place to place! While I was trying to figure out how I could set up a similar website Kelly announced her franchise opportunity and I jumped at it :!: I am putting together my business plan at the minute and would really love ye’re help with my research.

    I am interested in finding out how you have benefited from Mumstown, how helpful it is, what are the advantages of having a local website etc.

    I am really looking forward to your replies.

    Thanks a million.



    Firstly good luck with the new business

    Im think mumstown is a fantasic site Im on other sites like magicmum and eumom, but they arent local so you dont benefit as much.

    I would be lost without mumstown, Im from Dublin but living in Drogheda for 8 years so did know many people in the area, since mumstown I attend coffee mornings, have become close friends with two great mums off mt. We have little night out with other girls, I know I couldnt do this before mt as I didnt know anyone. This is all great but the best part is that your only a post away from finding a doctor, a dentist, wheres good to shop, what schools are good etc…
    Wexford is now part of the comuter belt and have many "blow ins" now, so Im sure you will be giving a lifeline to many woman. It can be such a lonely life if you dont know or have the courage to approach people/mothers, but sites like this break the ice and change many lives for the better.

    Again all the best and sucess in the future


    hi maggs, yes I too am a blow in to Drogheda, and didnt really know many people at all. I was off on maternity leave when MT was first launched, and it got me out of the house, and I got to meet loads of great girls, who I still try and keep in touch with.

    As Taylor said, you are only a post away from finding something that you need to find out.

    I dont have as much time as I would like to be on, but still like to pop in and out and have a chat with all the girlies.

    Good luck!! 🙂


    hi maggs and good luck setting up your site
    i’m a native of drogheda but never really had the courage to go out and meet other people/mums until i joined MT now myself and my children get out of the house at least for a few hours each week to meet other children and mums which i doubt i’d of gotten to do if MT wasn’t around



    Thanks so much to everyone who has voted so far. You have no idea what it means to me. Taylor5, trixibell and joey- rudd thank you for your replies and good wishes.

    It’s so easy for me to assume what Mumstown means to you, but I could never explain it like ye have. Thank you so much.




    I just want to second what everyone has said. I am also new to Drogheda (and Ireland) and mumstown has been brilliant but there is one thing that sets it apart for me…

    there is such a neighbourly feel on this site. Every other forum I have been on has some degree of cliquey-ness or something whereas everyone here seems genuinely interested in chatting to everyone and sharing info right from their first post.

    Good luck with your site. Let us know how you get on.


    I want to second evreything already said. I was on maternity leave when MT started and it was a great way to meet other mums. Being new to Drogheda I didn’t know many people and it was great going to the coffee mornings. Joining the bookclub through MT was also an added bonus. I don’t get much time to post but I do try to scan it a couple of times a week to see whats happening. Would recommend it for all local areas.


    Hi Maggs,

    you will be providing a fantastic service to local mums in Wexford…..Mumstown has given me a fantastic boost and I have met loads of new friends and feel I will never be lonely again all the time I can chat on here and this has only happened after 5 yrs of being in Ireland with no friends and feeling very lonely.

    I always recommend Mumstown to anyone who is living locally.

    Good luck

    Moonflower x


    I agree with what everyone has said, I am local but enjoy coming on here to have a chat with the girls – we have had coffee mornings and a night out, there is always a bit of crack around and its a hub of information.

    Best of luck!


    Hi again,

    Thanks a million for all the replies I really appreciate them. You have reminded me how it was for me when my children were young and we were living in Dublin. I left work to stay at home with them and weeks could go by before we spent time with some one other than family. They are 19 and 11 now and more or less have their own lives 😆



    im a local to the town but knew very few other mums before joining mumstown… now i’m getting to know quite a few… it’s great to be able to talk to people who know what you’re going through.
    think it’s a great resourse and every town should have one!

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