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    Hi everyone,

    just making an appeal for a little dog that has come into our family again….

    a mini labrador/cross male dog, sandy coloured about 10 months old…we call him George…..

    he was found about 3wks ago wondering around in Le Cheile school, mornington and they rang a drogheda animal rescue volunteer,who came & collected him…a very kind fosterer took him in but 2 days later was shocked to find him in a pool of blood and in a coma on her kitchen floor…he was very close to death but thankfully D.A.R got him to vets in time & he recovered…believed possible poisining…then he decided he was feeling well again and wanted to make his way home…so he scaled the fosterers back wall and escaped…..

    he was missing for nearly a week….and then yesterday he was spotted on Meath dog pounds website! so this poor little boy who is not much more than skin and bone at moment due to the traumatic few weeks he has had is now staying with us as the first fosterer even though fell in love with him is worried he may escape again fromher garden…..and wont be so lucky next time….

    we are tight for space as we have 3 dogs of our own and drogheda animal rescue are full to brim in desparate need of new fosterers/owners….but we couldnt leave him in pound to an uncertain future after all he has been through…

    Please go to to have a look at his photo…he is called George and in lost & found section…you may know his owners or you may fall in love with his photo…he really is a cutey and very gentle

    also feel i should mention Meath and Louth Pounds…they are both doing their best to rehome dogs instead of how it used to be …dogs were put down after 5 days…this still happens i believe when they are full to brim…so if you are looking for a dog please go to the pounds first as coudl literally be saving a life….and if you lose your dogs dont forget to contact both meath & louth pounds….they are separate places and of course drogheda animal rescue…..

    many thanks,

    Moonflower x


    ah god what a sad story, i hope he finds a nice home, and i can’t belive that someone would be so cruel to poision a dog, poor little mite……

    he’s lovely….


    Hi Moonflower,

    i went to dar website and bow wow shadow and lucy .Thats really kind of sweden to adopt dogs from ireland! Cead mile failte!

    Ja Tack Du Sverige!!

    Hope George also can get a nice loving home too! 😀


    Yes Sweden is very kind to our dogs and also the Uk take many as well…but ist still a shame we cant rehome them in Ireland…as it costs a lot of money to transport them abroad………

    on another note on animal cruelty…next time you decide to buy a pedigree puppy….think seriously about where & how it has come into world and at what cost….we have a beautiful boxer in mornington with lovely owners now…and it was saved by an animal rescue charity from a landrover…was taken out to woods to be shot……….why?????

    Because it couldnt get pregnant!!!!!!!!! how many more dogs are shot like this by unsavory breeders….

    Moonflower xxx

    Ps….George is doing great has settled in with us for now …but needs his own family…very good with children and no trouble at all…


    Hi everyone,

    we still have this this little man…he has made a great recovery and a wonderful littel dog to have around.

    he woudl make a wonderful family pet…he likes nothing better than to cuddle up with my little boy and plays lovely with him…dont very often say thsi about a dog but would be fab with young children as he is so small & fun.

    he is just being moved to the homes needed section on DAR website as his owners have not come forward..i know first person who sees him will fall in love with him…so if you are looking for a family pet have a look at website.


    Moonflower x

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