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    Well, have you started to think about it yet? When will you start planning & shopping?

    I kind of want to start soon. any ideas for special offers about at the moment?


    Im one of those people whom does shopping a day before xmas, I don’t know how it happens but I don’t think of it until the last moment lol. Maybe it’s time to do something different this year 🙂


    when my girls were younger I would have most of their Christmas shopping in by the end of September 😆 but to be honest now they’re getting a little older I’m finding it harder and harder to plan what they’re getting AND to get the time alone to shop for them

    Shortly after Halloween I’ll get them to write they’re lists and once it’s done it’s done -they are allowed ask for 1 big thing or 2 small things and if they’re lucky/good they get surprises……… they get loads of little bits & pieces between stocking and surprises so need to start picking them up.


    Our son said he wrote his list in August but no-one has seen it! Smyths’s release the Top Ten Toys list at the end of September, so we’ll have a look at that and see what’s on it.

    We have not had any major requests yet (thank goodness!!!)


    I start my shopping early and have a good bit in just because we have a lot of people to buy for and if it was to hit all at once, i wouldn’t manage financially as well getting it all done. As for barigans, i find Argos excellent and check the website regularly for reductions. Love that you can reserve things as well!


    Oh No…………..its just too soon for me to even think about Christmas yet. Although I only have one child to buy for (and she wont even know its Christmas as she will be only just 2!).

    Ill think about it after halloween 🙂


    When I was young and single and only had parents, siblings and a nephew or two – I started early and just got it done.

    Nowadays, I long to start early but the kids are constantly changing their mind. I also find, if I buy stuff, we end up buying more – they end up with too much!! Also, trying to wait for bargains – usually find lots of sale for gifts Christmas week.


    I have started already! Have a number of presents got.. between myself and DH we have a lot to get so think its better to get it started and you can also pick up some bargains too!

    LOVE Christmas I do!


    thankfully I don’t have that many to buy for
    don’t do sisters/brothers in law etc – only the kids on my side which is 4 kids and on my dh’s side we usually send money over to 2 of the kids – the ones we see and are in touch with……..there is wayyyyyyyyyy too many on his side and we don’t see them and are really only in touch on Facebook. We buy for my parents and dh’s dad and after that I’ve only a few outside of family.
    My own girls – dd1 came in one morning a few weeks ago and wrote a list BUT I told her it was a little early to be sending lists to santa as he was probably still resting up after last year and that we’d think about it and keep an eye out and she could write her list after Halloween cause…….once it’s gone it’s gone 😆 😆 😆 her list really didn’t have anything major on it thank fully. Dd2 is alternating between a flicker or a ds 🙄


    trying to sell some toys that the kids don’t need so i can buy the toys off santa this year 😆

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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