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    Hi i was recently having a treatment done in a salon in dublin while there the terapist asked me if i would consider thread vein removal . Before i knew it shewas using lazer on a tiny tread vein on my leg it was very sore she passed me off & kept pushing for me to purchase a course of 5 treatments i was very unsure because of the pain. I couldnt see any difference with the treatment but she insisted i should get it done because the veins would get worse so i bought the course of 5 & asked if it was ok to sign for the credit card transaction . I feel if i asked her to stand on her head to secure the sale she would have.
    Three weeks on there is no difference in the tiny tread veins & i think 2 are worse i alse have a red pigmentatin mark i did not have before.
    I dont want to have this painful treatment done again because it make me get very nervous & panicky. Am i entitled to get a refund i bought it on 1st of sept & only had a trial, i was thinking of getting a doctors note ic needed


    I’d say Dave from Alliance might be able to give some advice on this one, we will pass on to him for you Tina.

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    Hi Tina,

    Sorry to hear about your experience. Leaving aside the "pushy" nature of how you agreed to the treatment, it sounds like you did not get what you paid for. Under the Sale of Goods and Supply of Services act, products and services that you purchase must be of "Merchantable Quality", i.e. suitable for the purpose for which they were designed. If this is clearly not the case, then you should be entitled to a refund. If you were told that there would be a specific result following the treatment and this has not happened, then you should explain to them that you paid for a series of treatments having been told what the outcome would be. As the treatment has not produced the promised results, you wish to have your payment refunded under the sale of goods and supply of services act. If you meet resistence, you can point out that if you have to go to the trouble of seeking further medical and legal advice, the cost of these will also be charged to them. If they are a reputable company, they hopefully will do the right thing and also not want the negative publicity.

    I hope that helps.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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