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    Hi all
    would love to watch a good (wholesome!) santa movie with my 4 year old. he is so excited already, so i know that the right movie would send him over the edge!! havent got a clue as there are so many on offer. any recommendations?


    santa claus the movie, its a few years older now but i still love it!

    also polar express, new to our house this year and its proving a bit hit. very christmassy!


    oh god , my dd who is 3 loves The Santa Clause with Tim Allen, its brillant. 1 & 2 are brill , jury still out on 3 😉


    Polar express seems to be the biggest hit so far! ! with my ds…
    and my 2 1/2 dd is loving the Dora santa christmas dvd….
    both of them are actually enjoying that!


    Santa Claus the movie for defo (the old one)!!! Cant beat it.

    Other than that the santa claus ones with tim allen are very good and funny. Polar express is BRILL, Elf is hilarious but he might be a bit young for it, miracle on 34th street is also a winner…..and whatever you do if you see a film advertised on tv called "bad santa" with billy bob thornton in it….DO NOT let kids watch it hahaha its an adults film!!!


    love santa claus the movie, 😆 😆 the old one too ..we put it on every christmas eve the kids love it was my favourite when i was young too .still love it..,,it mad the lil boy in it gets younger every year to me 🙄 ….when i first seen it he was older then me all them year ago…. 😆 😆

    happy christmas & new year all………


    dont know if any of yee remember last year my copy of SANTA CLAUS the movie (old one) went missing and i posted if anyone had a copy on here 🙂 and then i found it behind my sky box :):)

    I LOVE THAT FILM , DD not interested as much

    Polar express fantastic;)


    i remember almae…….not a great cleaner then…lol…glad ya found it i so love that movie…..

    we have a load of christmas movies….

    SANTA CLAUS (dudley moore one fabaroonie) top 1
    santa claus 1,2,3
    polar express (pretty special) top 2
    elmo’s christmas countdown actually funny good too for younger kids
    father christmas & the snowman (raymond briggs)
    fred claus (again adult company on this one
    home alone 1,2,3,4
    elmo’s world christmas dvd
    pegga pig christmas
    the grinch

    other ones that are nice are some really for adults and older kids
    miracle on 34th street
    jingle all the way
    all i want for christmas
    christmas with the kranks
    national lampoons christmas vacation


    Santa Buddies is a great one for kids who love dogs


    National Lampoons, not one for the kids but a wopper movie.

    Polar Express
    Santa Clause

    Not even going to list them all, but I have already watched four or five this year, love them. Might watch the Griswolds tonight.

    Christmas as it should be.


    adult one has to be "ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE " oh god i cry everytime i watch it 🙂

    scole , I am a crap cleaner 😳 u should see the state of the place 😳


    lol….love the crimno count down how you do that


    once u get ur ticker , u have to copy paste the code into your post.

    i did email admin about changing the length on the signiatures which would allow you to have tickers all the time 🙂


    For a 4 year old I would recommend Home Alone & Muppets Christmas Carol…I watched them back to back with my 4 and 6 year olds last week and they loved them. You can buy them for around 5 euro at the moment – so its good value as you’ll bring them out yearly.

    For the grown ups…my fave is National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. We watch it every Christmas eve and always laugh ourselves silly. It is so daft but so funny. Its brill. The cat, the squirrel, the frozen eyes. Pure genius (also, the fact that my hubby very like Chevy Chase in it is probably another reason I love it so much!!)

    The Family Stone is on tonight on TV3, this is a good Christmas movie. I really enjoyed it, so going to tune in to that later on.

    And of course, Miracle on 34th St is a classic but might go over the head of a 4 year old. This is one for mammies, curled up on the couch with a pack of tissues and a tin of roses!!


    And of course, Miracle on 34th St is a classic but might go over the head of a 4 year old. This is one for mammies, curled up on the couch with a pack of tissues and a tin of roses!!

    you forgot the large bottle of wine :):) lol

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