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    Hi all, have just found out I am pregnant with our 3rd child :D . I went to Shane Higgins during my other pregnancies but as he has now moved on I need to pick someone else. Any recommendations please??


    i went to dr rabee on all 3 and found her great


    Dr. Rosie Harkin on the North Road is fantastic… or Dr. Marie Milner who shares the rooms with her is great also!



    congrats on teh pregnancy…

    i’d recommend dr rabee, also dr akpan although i think his clinic sits in dundalk….


    Congrats on your pregnancy!!

    Have you thought about the MLU (Midwifey Led Unit), I’ve heard its fantastic.

    I had Dr Rabee on my 2nd baby, went private and found her very nice – she was not at the birth though, I had no complications so it was just my husband, me and one midwife. It was lovely and relaxed, without any fuss but not worth the money in my opinion.

    I still got a nice bill for 3,000 afterwards and really, the midwife was the one who did all the work with us at the birth, thats why I would consider MLU if I was going again.

    Best of luck with whoever you decide.


    I had Dr Rabbee on both and she was lovely
    Have heard great reports on Dr Milner & Dr Harkin. I tried to go with Dr Milner on my first but she wasn’t taking any patients when I was due so went with Dr Rabbee and then went back to Dr Rabbe on my 2nd.
    Just to note Dr Rabbee doesn’t (well didn’t a yr ago) have a private scanner in her office – sometimes people go private thinking they will get more scans but Rabbee doesn’t have a scanner.


    Thanks everyone. Think I will go with Dr Rabee.
    Sabbi – I did think of MLU but had some complications last time so don’t think it is an option.
    Because it is such early days of pregnancy we havn’e told anyone so it is great to be able to talk about it in the virtual world. Can’t believe I am going to be a mother of 3 (and for a few months 3 under 4!!!!!) A little scary but exciting as well. Am sure I will be online lots in the coming months.
    Thanks again 😀


    Meant to say congratulations on your pregnancy! 😉


    congratulations on your pregnancy

    I would recommend Dr Rabee or Dr Quigley, he is an utter gentleman…. Dr Higgins was lovely i was transfered over to him on ds2.. Dr Akpan’s clinic is in Dundalk but he is a very very good doctor


    Dr Harkin is on maternity leave herself at the moment! There is supposed to be a replacement for Shane Higgins in the Fitzwilliam centre but because he is so new I suppose there is no reports coming back on him yet.
    Good luck!


    i have heard great things about Dr rabbee also. i did consider her for our 3rd but then we miscarried. we had the 1st 2 in dubland so with school and childminding etc we had to be practical and stay local. i am also fiona mc and anybody following your thread might also think it is me. so good luck to the other fiona mc. we might be in your position again some day. if so i would love to hear how you get on.


    Fionna i attended Dr Rabee for my mc and then my pregnancy that followed my mc, have to say she was brilliant, will keep my fingers crossedfor you xxxx


    fiona – did you get sorted?? hope all going ok for you. x


    i’d thoroughly recommend dr milner, she’s really good! really down to earth and normal!
    also, dr akpan is good, dr harkin too.
    not too sure bout dr rabee, have heard lots about her not being present at births! (private patients and then sending the bill)
    good luck.


    Congrats fiona. Just had third & eldest just gone four so in same boat as you!

    Dr rabee for all. Lovely if don’t want to be treated like you are ill just cause you are pregnant. Was there at all three births even though no complications. Midwife at first said dr rabee always there for births. No scanner, but didn’t bother me.

    Suppose can’t guarantee will be at birth if emergency at same time etc. Luck of the draw.

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