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    Sabrinab 08

    Hi girls im living between tullyallen & Monasterboice, my dd wil be hopefully starting pre school in sept, can anyone recommend some near me.. (aside from lr). not interested in Montisorrie. I studied childcare and would rather playschool fro her..Thanks in advance ladies.. any where frm Collon,Tullyallen Monasterboice! out of touch with all the new places :D

    Sabrinab 08

    Tanx BS.. im of the same opinion and havent heard good things about either of those places.. thats why im checkin around, their the only 2 i know of in the locallity.. thanks though 🙂 🙂


    Well girls i would not recommed P**y & L***n over beside Magtrus! Sabrina would know the full reasaon 4 this as she is my sis-in-law! But i have put another posting up regarding this story in the General Chat section under (playschool reucltant to take my deaf daughter) I’m am just in the throws of reporting the whole thing, i wasn’t going to but the more i thought about it the more annoyed i got and the hubby was fit to be tied! No-one will discriminate my DS because he is Special Needs & thats just what she did! She knew taking him on he had problems, and would need that bit of extra attention.

    Excellent she is not! Unprofessional she is! I will now have 2 go in and out of Drogheda to bring him to playschool. Some playschools should not b out there!


    Highly Recommend Tus Mhaith in Collon. The teachers are very good with the children and the school is very well presented throughout. The childrens artwork is displayed everywhere and every child is individually presented with an award and certificate of acheivment at the end of their term. Last year they had a ceremony with scrolls and caps for their graduation,so cute! And they put on a play for christmas in the parish hall. So, they have great interest in the children. Here is the number 0419837204.
    Her prices are also very reasonable and she doesnt charge at christmas etc etc. Best of luck 😀


    o deffo reccommend tus maith its brill and the girls are great .. my dd was very shy going there and she got alot of 1 to 1 attention there

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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