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    has anyone used it my mam got mydd some in newry yesterday cause she is badly teething


    Never heard of it but it might be just like teedex or dozal. I used teedex for ds’s back teeth and it was great, he slept like a log.


    i only wish these things worked on my little one – teedex just seems to make her hyper – the calpol does help the pain but it doesn’t help her sleep.


    calpol night its really good am after getting 11 hours sleep


    god could have done with that last night – missy is teething again and my eyes are in back of myhead this morning (think i’m spoilt really cos she’s usually a good sleeper so when she’s not sleeping i die!)
    she wasn’t so much up but crying & coughing on & off all night poor little thing- mind u she got up full of smiles and songs this morning 😆


    i remember my dd was getting some of her back teeth and only got 3 to 4 hours sleep. i was walking around like something out of dawn of dead.


    dh is off to liverpool on thurs (typical while dd is teething) might ask h im to bring some back


    it is really good i think it works if you give them 1 spoon before they go to bed the first night. and second night 2 spoons. if there really bad during the use it as well


    well my little minx refused point blank to sleep until after 9pm (she’s usually asleep by 7/7.30) then was up from 3.15-5.30am and up for the day at 6.30( i was going to leave her but she woke up anyway)
    she must be shattered – i know i am – she’s fine during the day – a bit grouchy and a little of her food but generally ok. we’re half way through the teething process – can’t wait till she has them all – but i’m sure there will be something else then 😆 😆


    That Calpol Night sounds like great stuff. My ds doesn’t like normal calpol, does the night one taste any different & do you have to give as much? That is a pity that it can’t be bought in the republic.

    The only medicine i can get him to take is nurofen through a syringe & I’m not really suppose to be giving him that as he may have Asthma. It doesn’t make him sleep, nothing really does but it does help the pain as his mood just changes within 20 minutes & he is back to being a happy little boy.

    He vomited the last time i tried to give him dozal & also won’t open his mouth for teethez. he is a stubborn boy when he doesn’t want something.

    He is a great eater & loves food but if he decides that he doesn’t want something then that is that, he never gives in.

    It is so funny the way they have such a strong character at such a young age.

    We are going on a plane soon and last time when he was 4 months i gave him dozal & he slept the whole way but he will be 10 months this time and as i said the medicine doesn’t make him sleep so we will have our hands full. He doesn’t even like sitting he is a bit hyper & loves being independent, crawling & trying to stand & walk!!! Hope this holiday is a holiday & not too stressful!


    Edel be very carefull, you shouldnt give dozal to a baby under 12 months 😯 😯 😯
    As there is a sedative in it, it can massively increase the chances of cot death


    i only give dd one 5 mil spon at night before she gos asleep for 3 nights until shes in pain again wich is usally i wait 2 days.


    i had my dd on dozol b4 she was one she would not settle wit her teeth i tryed everything from herbel to gels did not work and if did wrk it only worked for a little while and i was back to square one. calpol night is the best you only give small amount to them there under one


    am happy when dd gets full nights sleeps 😀


    Nikki your dd is over 1 so I wouldnt worry, but anything with a seditive shouldnt be given to a child under one, I would even air on the sideof caution and say 18 months.
    Edel I would guestion what chemist sold you Dozal for a child so young, they dont have a license to sell that for such a young child

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