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    Had to share this girls.

    My friend told me about this free app for your smart phone:

    My net diary / Myfitness Pal.

    It is a calorie counter, you can track every thing you eat & your excercise daily. You can scan the barcodes of food to get details or they have a list.

    You put in your staistics & how much weight you want to lose & it will tell you what your calorie intake for the day should be.

    It also gives you a brief summary of your nutrient intake for the day. So i know if i need more Vitamin C etc.

    I love it, its like my new little gadget. Only started on Monday but hopefully it shows some good results.


    I used myfitnesspal for a while, i kinda forgot i had it on my phone…

    sports tracker is another good one, it tracks your work outs and times your walks etc.


    My calorie counter is my husband – when I am thinking of shoving a whole piece of cake into my gob he teases me and I stop myself from eating the whole thing (and just have half!!) 😆 😆


    Mine knows better then to comment on anything I eat, I’d kill him, its one of my pet hates.

    If someone commented, then I’d feel bad which normally leads to me comfort eating. it doesn’t work constructively for me at all.


    Ah he doesn’t really do that – I’m just kidding!! I do it to him sometimes though when he goes for a second Superquinn jam doughnut! 😉 😉


    My husband would say that to me, he would say "are you not watching your weight" Im sorry but "pee off!" is the regular reply
    I wish i could eat what my kids and husband eat, God can they put food away, my dh should be 20 stone!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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