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    Following a recent pregnancy, my feet have changed shape :shock: . I have three beautiful pairs of occassion-wear shoes, one with a matching bag, that no longer fit. All still in boxes

    1 Worn once to family wedding. Think cost E100+. Dull goldy colour (officially taupe). Says size 37, but was a bigger fit. Small heel.

    2. Worn twice (I think). Glitzy brown. Small heel. Says E35 on box

    3. Worn briefly a very few times. Strap, silver & diamonte Zodiac sandals. Small heel

    I can email photos & if anyone is in the Dundalk area, I’m happy for them to be viewed

    E20 would be nice, but not an issue if someone really likes them


    Jeepers Pookie – I’ve heard of hair falling out and hips changing shape but never feet! You poor thing!!!

    My feet have already come down quite a bit since I had baby last week and my fit flops are much less snug now 😆


    Think the front of my foot is a bit broader now or something – but at least I still fit (rather too snugly, I’m afraid) back into my work clothes.

    It’s just a shame to leave the shoes sitting there, especially when they could save someone a small fortune – they’d be ideal for a glitzy event like a wedding or ball. Sure, we’ll see…

    Congrats on Summer!! Missed all the excitement & last meet-up (sorry about the dress, but can post it to you if you think you might be sticking with the bf-ing for a while) as 102 year old Granny had a series of heart attacks in Mayo. We thought she was a gonner, but she’s stable again. Drama at all turns!


    I went up a shoe size after three babies 🙁 Ridiculously pissed as I have a fab shoe collection from past 10 years 😡 😡

    Like you Pookie I have gone wider in the front part of my foot under my toes.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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