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    Hi ladies I’m looking for two or three first time mums-to-be for a newspaper feature article.
    The article is a sort of ‘year in the life’ of being a new mum. I’d be looking to chat and do a pic ahead of the birth, then three months later, three months later and three months later.
    It would be to give an idea of the excitments and anxieties of being a first time mum and how those worries maybe change over time once baby comes along.
    If you’re interested in taking part please get in touch with me at

    Many thanks


    I hope its a long article because you will need lots of space to cover all the things a first time mum goes through!

    Being a first time mum is overwhelming and exhausting – don’t get me wrong, there are the most unbelievable highs and its a magical & special time but it is such a culture shock for most women.

    I find it easier being a mum of 4 than a first time mum. I had not got a clue what I was doing and I thought I was doing a rubbish job, I second guessed myself alot and had this notion that everyone else was doing it better than me.

    It was before I came across Mumstown and before my friends had babies (I was the firs one of us to have a baby) I was holding in alot about the way I felt. I did not even admit to my husband how hard I found it. But once my friends started having babies too, we began chatting honestly and openly about how hard it can be at time and just knowing you are not the only one worrying about things can be helpful in itself.

    My close friends, sister, mum and the gals on here all get me through those days when I think I am a rubbish mammy!

    But after 4 babies, I feel more confident now about how I look after my children. Experience is a wonderful thing when you’re a parent!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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