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    I need to keep ahead of my 6 year old when it comes to computers / gadgets but an a techno-phobe. Terrified of new gadgets! I don’t want to go into a shop without some basic knowledge of what I want / need, as I could be sold a complete pup. So, could anybody answer the following questions:

    Is a tablet the same as an i-pad (but just different companies)?
    Are they just like a computer but you can’t put disks in them / usemicrosoft word etc?
    Can you put any kind of kiddy security lock software on them to stop kids downloading / accessing stuff you don’t want them near? (Have big oldfashioned computer in kitchen so I can keep eye on kids when online, but as these new yokes are portable….)

    Can anybody recommend what type I should get?
    It needs to be able to use internet, youtube, rte player, a couple of kiddy sites, gmail (ideally) & download some aps for kids & maybe the odd one for me?
    It needs to be the toughest one possible (Is there such a thing?)
    One that is fairly simple to use & setup. (Ideally I will figure out how to use it & Santa etc might bring matching ones over next couple of years…)

    Ideally, it would also be FREE :D but if that’s not possible at least reasonably priced



    Speak to scole about the NABI…. a kid friendly, adult friendly…. tablet, with all the bells and whistles, yet security too…. I don’t have one myself, but I know that her son has one. She did lots of research etc…. but do yourself a favour and google about it.. 😉


    Will do – tried some of the sites before but was totally confused….


    Am in midst of googling reviews etc of tablets – the only problem is that sometimes – not all the time – I have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. I mean, I’ve heard of aps, but I’ve no idea how to get one. Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone!

    If anyone out there is out of work & is computer savvy, I bet I’m not the only mammy who’d happily pay for help setting one up (from box to ready to go) & lessons on to use one. Am fast learner & just want to keep my kids safe. Any takers?

    In the meantime, my research continues….


    Hi pookie2

    The tablets/ipads are very easy to use.
    Yes they are both very similar an iPad is close to an iPhone and tablet to an Android phone. They will offer internet access – with that comes everything you asked about – youtube, gmail, rte player, mumstown etc.

    They will all have Apps, there is a store where you can view latest Apps, gives information on what they offer from kids games, to weather programs etc – again very easy to use, just a case of browsing & learning.

    I would highly recommend checking out Powercity – prices are good and once youpurchase with a laser/credit card or give mobile phone number or email address they will have a record of your purchase and will help with any after sales.

    Check here for their tablet range: Powercity Tablets price ranging from €90 to €470
    or their iPad range: Powecity iPads price ranging from €340 to €700.

    The lads are very helpful and will talk you through everything, they have several display models so you’ll get to touch & feel the products.

    Cnet is a great site for getting reviews on anything electronic from laptops, phones, lcd tvs, tablets & ipads. It’s an American site but gives you a good idea of whats good & whats not:

    Hope this helps, any queries drop a line.


    Everyone is raving about the Nabi Tablet for kids, It has a rubber protection thing on it too in case of falls. My friends kids have them & they love the fact it has a kids mode (child friendly) & an Adults passworded mode so they can use it too. I’m planning to get my five year old one for his birthday as he is always on my laptop these days.


    Same MaryE! Was reading some reviews. Some really detailed ones on Amazon. Good to see pros & cons – am making a list of what my ideal tablet should have! Am on a fast learning curve…


    Hi Pookie,

    You might also want to look at net nanny. It is software that you can put on your computer to keep your child safe on the internet. It filters and blocks anything that is not age appropriate.


    Brill! See that is the kind of stuff I’m trying to find out! Ta, mammycool! Will investigate!


    pookie – had a thread on top 5tips for kids tablets etc maybe worth a look


    Thanks for that. Will do

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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