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    There’s a treat in store for mums and their friends at the Laurence Town Centre

    The Bagel Bar and Laurence Town Centre continue their Mother and Toddler Coffee Morning

    As the year rolls on and the days get a bit brighter it is nice to get out and about and catch up with friends. The Laurence Town Centre continues to offer mums something that will put a little spring in their step with their Mother and Toddler Coffee Mornings! The next morning is taking place on Tuesday 7th April from 10am. Since November 2008, The Bagel Bar (located in the Peter Street Mall Food Court) and the Laurence Town Centre have been offering mums and their toddlers a special treat with a coffee morning on the first Tuesday of every month. This coming month Bagel Bar will be offering free Bagel Bites to those who attend as well along with the chance to sit down, relax and have a chat with other mums and friends.

    Not only that but this April is extra special as the beauty experts Gosh Cosmetics from Shaws Department Store will also be on hand to offer mums a some extra pampering with Free make up consultations and goodie bags. They will be sharing their top tips, tricks and beauty secrets with the gathered mums. So while you are enjoying your latte and chat with new friends at the Bagel Bar you can use the opportunity to get specialist advice from top Beauty professionals. The Bagel Bar and Shaws are encouraging Mums to bring along girl friends or family members to the coffee morning to join in the fun and avail of the service.

    Susan Drumm, Manager of Laurence Town Centre, said: “Mums spend all their time looking after the family, the kids, the house and not enough time looking after themselves so we thought it was time to give them a little treat. The Laurence Town Centre has something for everyone in the family and we wanted to give mums that bit extra to help start the day.”

    So relax and unwind, let the experts at the Laurence Town Centre look after you!


    The idea is great, I have to say. But I found it not very relaxing with a toddler who runs off and we end upeverywhere else but the bagel bar. 🙄 My little is is a fast runner 😉 Just to be prepaired. ❗


    Great idea but older children will also be on holidays next week, so would have to drag all of them 🙁

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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