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    Hey,just looking for a bit of advice to know is there anything in particular that triggers your asthma – food wise?.

    I am trying to pinpoint what makes my daughter wheezier on some days than others.

    So far i think ice cream react badly with her.

    She has had allergy testing & isnt allregic to dust,dogs, etc…so i think its something in her diet thats reacting with her.


    i am an aasthmatic for the last 43 yrs, Diary products is a main trigger – Milk, cheese, ice cream, chocolate..
    Dust / Grass is another one..

    If i get a cold i need an antibotic as it goes straight to the chest.

    Get her swimming – its a great exercice

    Any questions ask…

    Alupent syrup used to make me hyper


    My 4 year old has asthma & usually gets chest/lung infection every couple of mths, but since ive been giving him a spoonful of manuka honey he hasnt had an infection! Even when my daughter had croup a couple of wks ago he didnt get sick & hes usually the first to get sick x


    Libby do you try and avoid dairy products then?.

    Hailey still drinks milk morning & night. when we got her allergy tested in Temple Street she didn’t show up as being allergic to milk.But it must still have an affect on her wheeziness.

    The latest I give her her her night time milk is 6pm so she has time to properly digest it before bedtime. seen as she is at her worst chest wise when lying down.I have her as elevated at night in her cot too to try & help.

    I’m just trying as much as possible to avoid her ending up in hospital again this winter with a respiratory infection.


    Yes i do and try to avoid and i use a lot of pillows,i sleepin half sitting up position.

    I spent most of my childhood years in and out of hospital on neubliser, i actually have my own now.. I tried to fight a cold earlier on in Nov and i ended up on steriods

    I find vick really good and i have no heating on in the room i sleep as it dries up the air..

    Down through the years i tried alternative therapys but none worked for me.. On one occassion i ended up in hospital after a chemist made up a bottle of alternative medicine..

    Hopefully she will be ok …


    Avoid too much dairy. My dd who is six has various food allergies and is also asthmatic . If she wants milk I will give her milk but won’t give her yoghurts or cheese that day. Too much dairy definitely makes the wheeze worse and stuffs up her nose. She has recently started swimming and I find her chest is improved .


    Hi I’m new to this so I hope I’m in the right place. What I would like to know has anyone tried out salt therapy to help asthma in children. I know a man that went and said it was good but he didn’t say if children. Does anyone know is there any in Drogheda or do I need to go to Dublin.


    I have heard its for children , there is a place in Drogheda.. Beside the chemist in Bryanstown..

    It really works , its great

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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