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    Hi folks

    We are organising a cake sale in our school as a fund raiser… First time!!! Can anyone offer any tips or advice to ensure everything runs smoothly!!





    We do this regularly in my DD SCHOOL.
    You need to send a note home two weeks before, a week before and day before.. All homemade foods sent in, must be labelled with what ingredients are in them… nut / egg allergy (a lot more children with these now)

    Contact local cake shops and ask for what they don’t sell that day – Tesco / Marks & Spencers / Mc Closkeys / Brenda’ Bakery etc

    We charge an overall entry fee and this covers a raffle on the morning we also serve tea/ coffee & scones – normally €3

    My ds school did one recently – were all the classes had individual tables and each class sold there own cakes… each class came to visit and buy cakes.. It was great socialisation excercise for everyone

    Any other questions just ask
    You need to collect chineses boxes , plastic bags – for putting the sold cakes in….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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