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    I did got a pm.
    Now I have 1 new neighbor. Yeppee :P :P
    I start to spend less time playing (but a bit more when try cattering challenges), still enjoy it a lot.

    I was so desperate for neighbors (still need a few for extra expansion) that I made a fb page for my cat!
    Will not push and do a page for my other cat, or any other family pet.
    Or not yet :lol: :lol:



    I discovered facebook not so long ago.
    Then cafeworld.
    I know it’s a time waster but I got addicted.
    Need neighbors, and people who’ll send parts.
    I want to change all my stoves for lightings stoves so only 1 click will be enough to cook and maybe I’ll waste less time.
    I don’t have many friends on fb, spend more time on mumstown rather than fb.
    If you’re like me, pm me please.



    😆 😆 sorry Fabienne..just made me chuckle..hope you find some willing Cafe world friends…now it if was a real cafe i would be with you like a shot 🙂


    Sorry Fabienne, i wont allow myself to join anymore games.

    I was on farmville & totally addicted, the competitive side came out in me, i wanted to beat everyones scores, it started taking too much of my time up.
    I was even looking for someone to look after my farm while i was on holidays, so my virtual crops wouldnt die!!! very sad, i know. Anyway, my crops died & i decided enough was enough and stopped playing.

    Im a total facebook junkie but dont do the games anymore.

    I never really got computer games before that but now i can understand how people get hooked.


    mooflower if it was a real cafe, I would not play to the fake one.
    Mary I understand you.

    My friend plays farmville, I tried did not enjoy it, still I’ll accept her request to help her out, she does the same for my cafe.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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