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    Yeah, this is definitely the time of year to be able to move things forward positively, whether it’s health and fitness improvements or improvements in work and family activities.

    It’s always good to see on Mumstown when someone has a problem or a need for a service that there are always people happy to step in and advise or recommend someone that they know. That kind of activity is exactly what’s needed to help get this country back on it’s feet!

    Roll on the rest of 2011 :wink:


    Today is apparently the happiest day of the year! We’ve been paid, Jan is almost over and many people have booked holidays and are excited about that.

    Tomorrow is the first day of spring and even though we have an election to deal with, somehow everything seems better when the daffodils are up and the weather is better.

    anyone got any good news to share???


    Good riddance January..a hateful month!!!!

    All going well with both our jobs plus my photography.

    Enjoyed seeing lots of trees and shrubs in bud at Oldbridge this a.m.

    Looking forward to the 6 nations.

    Cousins coming over to stay @Easter

    Just generally in great form as always!!


    My dad is going to be 60 this year and my sister, her husband and my niece and nephew are coming home for a party. I have not seen her since last August so cannot wait to have them all here.

    We booked our first family holiday in 3 years, heading somewhere sunny with the the 3 kids, cannot wait for that too. Got a great deal with platinum travel, so no guilt either.

    And was out for a walk today and aside from my legs being blue with the cold, it was nice to see a bit of sun peeking through, hopefully warm weather on the way.

    Now…if only I could strong arm my other half into actually painting the hall, as he agreed to do last year…then I would be deliriously happy altogether 😆 😆


    well jan hasn’t been that bad for me i’ve had a blast this jan…..and wonderful friends to thank for a fab jan….

    it was wicked,…..

    so much more to look forward to this year…gonna grab it by the horns and enjoy it……

    and YAY to spring…welcomed with open arms….


    Thank God its gone – Dull and Depressing…

    On a sad note my darling brother is heading off to Austraila for a job leaving behind his 2yr old daughter.. He has a trade – Carpentener – he hasn’t worked a proper job in 2 yrs – soul destorying… He is on such a low – already have a sister in the states… she left the last time things were bad….

    On a good note – heading off to the sun in June – Hubby is 50 in August.. Weekend away to be organised

    Hope to take it all in my stride… and not get stressed out too much


    enjoy all the goods things libby – thats what we have to try to do. My sister has been gone 14 years, we usually see each other 3-4 times a year but past 2 years have been tough financially so we’ve seen less than usual but make up for it when we do.

    Sad about your brother too, hopefully we can sort this country out and all the emigrants who want to come home will have jobs and a bright future to come back to.


    New baby due on 4th, hubby home (maybe) on 6th, 39th birthday on 7th & maybe DS1 will finally get to see once again the ‘pink petals on the cherry blossom trees’ that will prove to him that spring is here! He’s killed asking me when they’ll be here!


    Oh I love Cherry Blossoms…saw lots of catkins on trees today too thats a sure sign we are heading in the right direction.

    Had planned to go out with the camera today but made the mistake of cleaning the house first, sure I still might after a 5 min rest here on Mt


    I was looking at the buds on the trees yesterday…. there is a little stretch in the evenings which is great.
    Valentines day!!! I got a lovely present 3 years ago 😉 😉 😉 Will settle for dinner and flowers this year 😆 😆 😆 😆

    How could i forget the start of Rugby Six Nations……

    Financial Companion

    I must admit, I’d rather arrive home with flowers when there is no specific occasion or reason, (usually lillies). I once happened to see someone change a €25 price tag on a bouquet to a €75 tag at valentines! 😯

    Hopefully, the coming of spring will lift a few people’s spirits and get us al on the way to improving things going forward!

    Was great to put some faces to names this morning in the bagel bar 😉 (although I wish Sabbi’s sister would stop pretending to be her mother…..I wasn’t fooled! 😉


    Just the change of the calendar page lifted my spirits no end 🙂 January has always been my worst month of year & am always glad when it passes.


    Spring is great !! So much for us to look forward to this year.

    My Dad and Mam are both 70 in March and May respectively and we plan a BIG party in April for them 😉

    Sun holiday in Portugal in the summer booked and paid for Yipeeeeeee 😀

    Next Sat away for the night with my best gal pal ……wine and facials and peace and quiet !! 😀

    Hoping hubbie gets us tickets to swan lake in grand canal theatre for valentines day …..must drop clanging hints 🙄 😉

    DS starts playschool in Sept 😆 😆 😆

    Loads to look forward to 😆 😆


    Yey, spring is finally here….flu season is nearly over….mind you we have been very lucky and escaped any flus or colds this year so far.

    Anyway, we have loads to look forward to this year.

    We have had 2 christenings in the past 2 weeks.

    I have a weekend trip to Edinburgh with DH and my cousin and his wife first weekend in march.
    First confessions in March also for DS2
    First communion and Confirmation for DS2 and DS1 in May and also my niece is for First communion too in May (busy month).

    Dont have a holiday booked but do plan on going somewhere in Ireland for a few days during the summer.

    DS1 starting secondary school in September.

    I am 40 in November and sure then its nearly Christmas again.


    It was nearly 5 this evening and the sun was just setting… great too see the bright evenings…

    Yes Sabbis pretend sister Margo, she is looking good…

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