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    Hi girls!
    Im very sad this morning….
    Me and my 2 duaughters ( 2 yr and 7 mth) was waiting for bus at Riverbank estate. 9.45 am the bus arrive AND REFUSE TO TAKE US ON THE BUS, because I cannt hold a buggy.
    How???????? Do I need to put baby on the floor? And how can I hold 2 small kids in my laps????? ( Its not a dobble buggy.)
    And ……this was a last bus stop . Next would be town. In that time were around 6 peoples in the bus and that it.
    I need to go to town 1s a week. What to do??? :cry:


    Thats ridicilous. You should report that bus driver.


    I dont know much about the bus services in town and if this kinda thing happens regularly..but im sure that the driver has no right to refuse you entry onto the bus jsut because you have a buggy. I know this doesnt go on with Dublin Bus…i would def give the bus station a call and ask to speak to someone about it …


    unfortunalty this is just the way it is on buses, the buggy could cause an obstruction etc etc.

    all i can say is why not fold buggy, put it under seat then put dd who is 2 on the seat and hold your other daughter on your lap??


    I dont mind to fold a buggy- BUT how can I do that, if im holding baby??? I have a Silver Cross pram, not umbrella one. You cannt do that with 1 hand.
    …….I just rang to Drogheda bus station! They told me- that a company policy. Nothing you can do.


    sorry just presumed it was easily foldable.

    dont know what you can do the next time you get the bus..sorry.


    And I take it no body jumped out of their seats to help you either!!!! 😈 What the hell is going on with people today im sure somebody on the flipping bus could have helped you even the driver what as assh*le!!!! That is after really after annoying the hell out of me! So what if its company policy, what about common courtesy! 👿


    Would the driver not help with the buggy?

    The next time take the kids put your dd on a seat with you older child standing watch and minding her while you get back off the bus to unfold the buggy…. believe me the drive will help you the next time

    Oh if doing this you would have to tell the driver not to take off untill your seated with the baby in your arms IYKWIM


    I was told before by a driver that he couldn’t help me with the buggy for safety reasons (incase the bus got robbed while he was busy helping) not the fact that some of them are just too lazy to get up and do anything at all
    haven’t been on the townbus in over a year since a driver gave out to me for keeping him waiting while trying to fold the buggy hold a toddler and with a bump too 😡


    No way!!!!!
    Like who is going to rob the bus one of the kids 🙄 In a nut shell they are just lazy and dont want the bother of a buggy…. whats the point of having a bus service is mammies cant use it


    that’s ridiculous what is this world coming to!


    Hi Si 🙂

    Ah don’t be upset anymore okay 🙂
    I have an idea you could use a sling onto your body & carry your baby
    i have seen my SIL using that she says its brilliant 😀
    and you can just hold your little girl onto the bus without any trouble
    Hopes it helps

    Or next time if i saw you we can get onto the bus together with your little tow i will help you 😉


    was this not always the case No . When i had Dd in a pram the only person that would help is if someone was waiting for a bus the same time and if there was noone there you just had to hope someone on the bus would help you ❓ ❗

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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