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    Hi Girls, :)

    hows everyone doing?

    my course will start at 9am, next week in moneymore.
    its ridiculous to know that the bus service will only starts at 9am the earliest for that going to Moneymore and another one will start at 10.30am. and it only comes after every 30 mins.

    Shouldnt there be more buses travelling up and down every 20 mins starting at least lets say at 7am a time when people starts to get ready to go to work and kids or adults going to school or even college?

    Really hope that drogheda can have more early public transport system!!!

    Clearly enough if they want start to attract tourism or create more business parks in drogheda they need to make sure there are more regular bus services available throughout drogheda town and estates areas.

    In singapore our earliest bus timetable throughtout the nation starts at 6am and everyone can access to work or even school without hassle until late nites.

    Tourist has always praise singapore one of the reason is because there are many public transports available to them all the time and accessible to all parts of singapore.

    lst is to cut traffic congestions,
    2nd is to cut the car emission pollution.

    and people can also travel to anywhere they want without using a car.

    and our goverment has always encourage us to take the public transports to work or to school .

    latest waiting time is 15-20 minutes.


    I totally agree…The young french girl i know recently started work in Drogheda and has now had to move to drogheda from Mornington as the buses do not run to coincide with her work and was costing her far too much in taxis….


    I was reading last week that Dublin is going to inforce a congestion charge just like London…. eh London has tubes, buses, trains, surely they would have to have a better public transport system before they bring in this charge.

    Mng get a good pair of walking boots and a unbrella


    Hi Moonflower, your french friend is right to move its too dear getting a taxi
    we need more local buses running up and down the estates thats for sure

    Taylor5, these days i carry the raincoat than the umbrella more ,,,,,,,,,
    they claim people should leave their car behind
    when the bus dont come on schedules and start late when they should be starting early

    who wants to rely on such service?? they should make sure actions speaks louder than words for the politicians ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


    I remember someone saying a similar thing about the finishing times of the buses, none at rush hour and I remember them saying they were told the service was only for the elderly in the town, dont know it this is true.
    Maybe we should start a petition for the local polititans to get their fingers out…. we dont have a bus service at all on the Dublin Road other then the main Dublin bus, I think its expected that we all have cars up here


    Hi Girls,

    Taylor5, Thats a gd idea, we should seek more public transport
    everyone will benefit daily by using it 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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