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    Burglars were seen driving around the grange in donore last night around 2am police were called if you know people from the village can you let them know please in case it was a trial run for other night viv


    How did you know they were burglars? 😀


    dog start barking keep the dog in the house at night and when i looked out the window a man got out of the car heading to the house so i put all the lights on upstairs and he jumped back into the car and drove off


    Burglars are everywhere at the moment.

    Sure my house was only done over in May. It still scares me to think about it.

    Sadly i think that it is only going to get worse, especially closer to Christmas.

    Well done Viv for taken action.

    We all need to watch out for each other.


    Thank you been very nervous in the house today just listing for every bit of noise


    They tried to get in to my brothers house in Donore during the week at 2.30am, He was at work but his wife was lying on the sofa and she seen the back door handle twist, She started screaming and they ran, But there was a car at the gate, Apparently they have a special device for opening locks!!


    You are right, they came in my front door with that special device, popped the locks, some how.

    They are brazen, imagine coming in a a front door of a house in an estate!!

    Its still scares me.

    Ive spoken to a few lock smiths since and have been told that the standard locks that come on the doors are easy to open by these people. They have told me that you should always have an additional lock on your doors.

    I now have two locks on all my doors & windows.


    These people have no fear, I am looking in to getting extra security as well, It can be a bit expensive but well worth it


    I did hear on joe duffy that most house crimes are now through the front door now!!! Very shocking indeed.

    MaryE i had someone here last week looking over my windows and doors, he said the very same thing about the locks on our doors… not good to hear.
    The Guards who live on my street told me you could have the best alarm and locks and they still get in… he said the best think to keep burglars away is a DOG!!!
    We are going away soon and instead of the dog going to kennels, the kennel company are going to come here and feed and water her, im delighted as she is still her to look over the place


    hi guys,
    Just reading some of the posts here about home security etc and wanted to make myself known to you. I am a locksmith covering Louth, Meath, Dublin and surrounding areas.
    Please pm for more information

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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