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    my ds1 who is nearly 6 is asking and asking for bunk beds, he put them on his santa list, he has now asked for them for his birthday. I have a 2.5 year old so dont really like the idea
    If you got them how did you get on and where is the best to buy?


    dd1 is asking for them for last few months BUT she’s only 4.5yr – i’d love them BUT don’t trust the 2yr old at all at all 😆 😆 I’ve told dd1 that you’re not allowed bunks until your 6 so we need to wait until dd2 is 6 and so far she’s accepted that.


    It really depends on the child.
    Ikea has a mid-sleeper bed.
    Bed mid-height and play area under, you could always put a matress under.
    And the side is quite large, so no risk of falling by accident in the sleep. They can climb, but it’s quite low for a bunk bed.

    As well it’s not that expensive, and don’t think it’s dangerous.
    We have it for dd and ds was under 3 when we got it. But my kids are not the kind to climb too much. Once we say no they don’t really do it.



    I also went the mid-sleeper route for DS….. and he has his toys underneath….
    I’ve got a spare mattress for underneath when we’ve got visitors over and we need to use the beds in DD’s room, so she gets to sleep "under" DS’s bed, and she is delighted with herself.

    Saying that, DS is happy because it is the bunk set up, I’m happy cos it isn’t TOO high and it only cost me roughly e 150 in Ikea at the time… happy days.

    We’ve got proper bunks at granny’s house… .and they are happy with that too…. DS on top, DD underneath…. (she has just turned 4)…. and she would have been up there since she could climb! 😕 🙄



    We are going to get Cabin beds from Hodgins. Not too high and think will be ideal for our 4 and 6 year olds. There are lots of different styles, so think these are a good option for a broad range of ages.

    http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid= … =1&theater

    We have moved our two girls into the same room to make way for baby so this is ideal for us, as I reckon bunk beds might be a bit too high for our girls at moment.


    Hi everyone,

    Just to add to this thread.

    We have a great range of beds to choose from- bunk beds, triple sleepers cabin beds, captain’s beds, midisleepers, and computer bunks.

    I have also asked the guys in the shop for advice on what age a child could sleep on the top of a standard bunk bed.
    Their advice is from 7 years old. Midi sleepers are not as high and obviously little ones could sleep on a bottom bunk.

    Their are pics of bunks on our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/hodginsfurniture.
    If I have any more pics, I will add them on now.


    Ha, my ds is after the same – he is 4 and dd is 2. She would definately be climbing. I have told him that he must be 6 – that is what the catalogues for next and argos say – I have also read it elsewhere that it is dangerous for under 6’s. Most likely to do with the way they do 360 degree turns when sleeping.


    We got cabin beds from Love Furniture 4 years ago for our girls bedroom and they are so brilliant.

    They are not nearly as expensive now as they were a few years ago and they are very clever. We have the girls underwear, pajamas, uniforms etc in the drawers under the beds and we have books, games, toys on the shelves at the end of the beds. Really clever use of space.

    Here is on they have on offer at the moment, really good idea for kids:

    http://www.lovefurniture.ie/bedroom/mid … Path=4_410

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