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    Hi all,

    I himmed and hawed about whether or not to post this for ages but in the end, decided I had nothing to be ashamed of.

    Has been a positive response so far and can only hope it will be helpful in some way to others who have been affected by bullying too.

    Here is the link:
    http://www.independent.ie/lifestyle/ind … 75112.html



    I just read that and all I can say it well done for opening up about it and writing such a powerful and heartfelt article.


    well done sabbi, bullies are at the end of the day insecure people sad to think that there are still so many people being bullied both children and kids and are afraid to speak about it so fair play…..

    i have to say that i’m disgusted and feel for you i hope that he feels terrible for what he did and the girls too what an awful experience for you…i hope many people stand up read this and help the fight against bullies….and the bullies themselves read it and feel very ashamed of themselves….

    as usual you are an inspiration to all women and a strong woman at that…great guts and courage if only we could all be like you…


    Oh Sabbi – well done. No matter what age we are some things are so difficult to talk about. Your healing has now begun – the control is firmly back at your feet 😉


    Sabbi I think your brilliant to post this up, Im sure there are people out there young and old that can relate to you story. I remember talking in your company about how I felt bullying now days was worse what with mobile phones and facebook etc and years ago you could go home and close your door until the next day….. your nearly had a fit so I kinda know you were affected in someway.

    I was bullied for years by 3 girls (we moved onto their street) they tied me to a tree and let me, I was on my bike and one threw a tennis racket into my front wheel sending me flying onto the tarmac on my face (yeah thats what happened) I told my parents, teachers you name it but it still carried on. My dad sat me down and told me to stand up for myself, but how could I there were 3 of them, he told me to take the leader out……. so I did and my anger of 3 years of getting the crap kicked out of me came out, I got the bitch on her own and when I stood up to her she laughed… I was 12 or 13 at the time and the garda were called as once I started to hit her I couldnt stop, I remember being on top of her and banging her head off the ground (it was grass) Now she gave me as good as she got, but I didnt feel the pain I just felt "you bitch you wont do this to me again and get away with it" I was shout do you think thats funny now?
    I remember the next day in school about 10 girls came up to me and asked if we could be friends as she was doing the same to them

    Would you believe I seen 2 of them only 2 weeks ago, they were bridesmaids for an old neighbour….. I said hello and so did they, one came over a few minutes later to admire my ds2, she told me that she couldnt have kids and had tried ivf and failed, she has the same condition as myself and she told me it always gave her hope when she heard I was pregnant ( sorry in tears typing this) I HATED these girls for years for what they put me through just because my parents were from money and I was to them " a spoilt bitch". but would you believe I felt SORRY for her….She never said sorry to me but she didnt have to just looking into her eyes and seeing how she looked so longingly at my ds2 and seeing her pain, all she did to me I never had even half the pain her eyes had.
    So Sabbi if you ever meet your tormentor you might be surprised at how you feel. I know what happened to you was terrible but its what makes you the person you are today
    Well done


    well done Sabbi !!
    it’s always the bully who should be ashamed, not the person at the receiving end.


    Read your article.
    Will reply properly when I have a chance.
    You’re a brave and lovely woman.
    Take care.
    XXX Fabienne


    just want to say well done to you sabbi for letting us all read one of the hardest things that happened in your life
    its people like you that give other people strenght and hope
    little bullies grow into bigger bullies then after that if they are allowed to get away with it they get wosre
    i was bullied a lot growing up too, hated school and going outside because of it
    i hope you telling your story helps people let go of the pain and secrets they are holding back, we can’t let the bullies win, no matter what age they were or how long ago it happened

    well done to you taylor for talking about your bullying too
    "strenght comes from within or friends are you"
    "never give in"


    Joey I remember reading you were bullied in your secondary school, not nice at all. I think most bullies have problems of their own and being the bully is there way of trying to hid whats happening in there life…. some are just evil bastards

    What happened me didnt affect me as much as Sabbi, it just made me stand up for myself even more



    I just read your article – i was shocked but did experience Bullying at school too, not anything like what you went through…

    You were very brave……

    Congradulations on discussing this – maybe it will help someone – in need


    With a bit of luck some bully somewhere will read this and maybe just maybe think again about their actions on others


    Thanks girls,

    I was so nervous writing this and was worried about the reaction it would get so I was even apprehensive putting it up here today but I should have known better – the support mums give each other on this site is really fantastic.

    I honestly feel so supported and it is encouraging that others (thanks Taylor) can open up too.

    I kind of feel sorry for the bullies, some of them must come from bad situations to do the things they do and if I bumped into this guy, I don’t think I would be too bothered.

    I have to thank Chewie – she gave me a nudge in the right direction when I first spoke about writing this and that bit of encouragement helped me sit down and actually do it – so big thanks to her.

    Yer a great bunch altogether. We must have a Mums night out soon – I feel like a very big Cosmo after the emotional rollercoaster of today!!


    Just got in, and just read your post. Well done my friend, well done! 😉

    Talking is healing in itself, and by sharing, you give others hope, and inspiration.

    I’m so proud that I can call you my friend….
    thank you… 😉


    ah girls the tears…..we should remane mumstown to emotional town…lol….but great to know people can open up and get support



    well done sabbi! you are an inspiration to us all. you are so brave.

    take care.

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