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    my 5 year old daughter is being bullied on the street by a 6 year old girl and her 9 year old brother. it started off with the 6 year old girl wanting dd to her self she was very controlling and wouldn’t let dd play with the others on the street then dd told me she was afraid of her and she kept black mailing dd saying that she was going to tell me all sorts of bad stuff dd done on her when dd didn’t do a thing on her . i said it to her parents but all i got was my angelic daughter wouldn’t do a thing like that and a lot of not very nice words a the door .
    dd didn’t want to play with this girl so i told the girl to stay away from her very nicely then her mam started shouting up why did you give out to my daughter ill ring the guards on you. i didn’t even shout at this little girl. it got even worse the they started shouting horrible things at dd when she was going up to her friends house and poor dd would be in tears crying there constantly doing different things on dd she wasn’t even outside the other day and she got blamed for throwing blocks at this girl . i live with my parents and there at age were all they want is a bit of peace and quiet. dd cries her self a sleep some nights. i really dunno what to do.


    The poor child, its really a tough one. My kids are only 6 and 3 so i havent come across bulling yet, thank God, so i cant give you any advice.
    I do tend not to get involved in kids squabbles on the street, i used to give out to ds if one of the kids came and said "oh A did this or A did that" I found that my ds was the only one getting told on as i was the only parent out on the street watching my child, when the others did the same to each other or my ds, that childs parents wouldnt be arounds so no tales being told to them.
    One day last summer a big girl on the street came to me and said "he is after hitting me and spitting on me!" I freaked and called ds, then the girl said oh it wasnt A it was x who did it…. eh, x isnt my child so why are you coming to me and telling me!!! i got so annoyed as i was about to kill my ds thinking it was him, after that i dont listen to tales.
    I do think its best to stay out of it and let the kids sort it out for themselves.
    There is a child on my street that is a terrible lier and even told lies that my husband threw him out of the garden, my husband said he spoke to our 2 boys and told them not to be jumping our hedge! I have heard this child telling lies about other kids, im not very fond of this child because of this, as i find him a trouble maker (and parents worse for listening to his lies) But i would never say to my ds that he isnt to play with the boy, my ds and this boy play together all the time….. i personally never talk or address this child in fear of him telling lies about anything i have said, but very happy for the kids to play. I do think children need to be removed from adult worries or issues, i would never tell my ds that this little guy is a lier, maybe its something he will figure out himself, i dont know!
    But its best just to let kids be kids and regardless if you like the child or not just let them be kids and play away, they must like each other if they play together. All bigger girls seem to try and control who plays with who, at least she is playing with your DD…. its not easy, but its only the start of summer and i hope it gets sorted x


    ill end up having to report them 1 of the girls spit in my fathers face the boy pushed dd off her bike and took her flicker off her and hid it going down to try my best to get a house when we come back from my brothers wedding. dds teacher asked me was there anything wrong with dd and i had to him she wasn’t concentrating in class. i am afraid for dd if she cant go out to the street without getting bullied then its something i can not ignore.


    sorry to hear about this,it does seem like things are escalating.I cant believe that spitting in someones face,that is well beyond bad manners.

    Children usually have a reason for acting out,maybe they are from a troubled family or something.I know its no excuse as to what is happening to your kids but maybe there is a reason for them being so nasty.

    I hope you manage to get it sorted out soon


    last thursday my dd went out to play and the girls that were not allowed play with the 2 bullies are allowed to now the mother gave in and left dd out since then dd was gutted dd was given a bike from the 2 girls 2 weeks ago and they took it off dd yesterday just pushed her off and took it from her. just have to get out of this street before something happens guards said they cant do anything cause there all underage!


    Oh, your poor litte girl. They sound really nasty. If the parents are that bad, they are not going to change! I would definately be looking for somewhere else to live – I know you should not be forced out of your home but you cannot put up with that and you do not want to be out fighting in the street.


    i got blamed for threatening kids today o my god going to the corpo tomorrow i have never threatened anyone’s child.


    Its very sad what is happening here,you really shouldnt be getting chased out of your own house.are you friends with anyone else on the road?.are other kids being bullied aswell?.maybe if a few different parents approached the family together,maybe the problem could be solved- or have things gone too far already for that to be possible?.


    its gone to far already its going on since last year it was only mild doses and now its gotten worse. i just go for walk with dd to get out of the street my parents don’t need this sort of stuff they have lived in this street for 40 years and not once did this happen when we were kids all we wanted to do was play dd is 6 next week all she wants to do is play and have friends she doesn’t want to be fighting with anyone.

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