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    There is a good exhibiton at the science centre, at the back of trinity college in Dublin, all about bubbles…and who doesnt love buubles?? Good for all ages . Lets you blow bubbles of all shapes and sizes and a bit about the science behind it. Looks like fun.
    I have heard the CSI exhibition isn’t great, has anybody been? Heard anything about it? Would love to try it but now i’m not sure.


    Seen it on irelandam this morning and its looks brilliant…. might take a trip up


    Went to see Bubbles on Sunday. There isn’t as much in it as I thought there’d be, but what’s there is fun. I’dmake it part of a whole day out in Dublin..dont go just for it. Walked in around trinity after and that was nice. Will try to put some pics up on mumstown facebook site. Its free in and you can give a donation so it’s good value.[/img]


    don’t know about bubbles but i heard the csi isn’t great – apparently it’s a load of computer screens with multiple choice questions and then your told the answer – haven’t been myself mind

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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