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    Went to Bru last night with a friend and the food was really lovely and good value. Mind you, we were the only customers there after 8pm and they closed after we left at 9 :-(


    Hi Sadmum,

    Most important for me when i go to most restaurant i always base on 4 stars
    Staff being Polite, Ambience is Nice, Food taste Good, Price is Affordable

    so far my fav i still think Tango is number 1 followed by Pink Elephant .

    I still hav not been to Bru yet but i always see theres people dinning over there too looks quite good from outside view…

    i might try Bru and chanco someday. 😉


    Tango is easily the best in the town…..providing u like chinese!!!!!!!!!….mon-thurs theres an all u can eat fro 19 euro……great value and food is to die for…..hungry jus thinking about it………also like Bella Atina……cheap and cheerful


    Hi Ruby,

    Is Bella Atina an italian restaurant? 🙂
    what type of food do they serves?
    lst time i heard such ones… 😛

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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