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    I need to vent some anger,
    i recently read in local papers but a committee being set up to fundraise for another bronze statue for Mr. Joey Maher – World Champion Handballer -.
    We already have a statue facing Eddie Rocketts for Socks Byrne.

    It makes me mad when i see no facilities for Sports in the town, all the money raised for these statues could be put towards a Sports venue in Drogheda and a plaque on the wall with World Champions names on it.

    It just makes me cringe, when money is not being spent right, i am part of a sports club who are fundraisng for a sports venue at the momemt & it is very hard work.

    How are we going to have more world champion athletes if we don’t have venues for them to train?

    I have great respect for the two men, who represent Dorgheda at World Champion level. What do others think?


    I used to be a member of a athletics club in drogheda when i was younger and it was a great thing going to it each week, even though now i read that same club have to train in a car park now due to lack of places suitable to use….why do we need these statues, most of us have no clue as to who they are!
    give us sports grounds to use so people do get to know who the future sports stars are
    give them a chance!


    Yes, i agree i was once part of the runnuing club as well.


    I think you have to have a balance, you have to fund the clubs yes, but you also need to have some history and honor the sporting rewards of those who passed. World Champion of anything has to be given some credit and things like this only push young children to join (I know under funded clubs) groups and clubs. I think for the families for these people it must be great and from the eyes of a "blow in" I think celebrate these great Drogheda men/women.
    We have to have some culture

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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