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    We have been dealing with our baby having a very high temperature for the past 2 nights and thought I would add some tips on here for bringing it down – these were very helpful for us.

    Dealing with a Fever

    If your child has a temperature of over 102°F or 39°C, he or she is suffering from fever and needs urgent care. You can help the child by following these instructions quickly to help bring the temperature down:

    *Keep your child and the room he or she is in cool, even if child is shivering
    *Take off the child’s clothes down to their nappy or underwear. Clothes trap heat next to the body and help maintain the fever
    *Give the child paracetamol in suppository or liquid form regularly in full dose, and remember to follow the instructions on the package carefully. *Do not give aspirin to children under the age of 12 years
    *Try to get your child to take cold drinks or to suck ice cubes or ice-lollies.
    *If your child has a temperature of over 101 °F or 38.5°C, you can also help to bring his or her temperature down by sponging with lukewarm water. Do not use cold water.

    You may find it easier to put your child in a shallow bath of lukewarm water while you sponge him or her down. Do this for about half an hour. Ten minutes after you have stopped, take the child’s temperature again, and hopefully it will have gone down. Don’t continue to bathe or sponge the child if they object or find it unpleasant.

    It is important that a child with a fever has plenty to drink. Cool drinks also help to bring down a temperature. You may find it very difficult to get an upset and irritable child to drink anything. Fortunately, children will usually accept sweet things, so if your child refuses cool liquids offer jellies, ice cubes and ice-lollies instead. These all contain lots of water and help to make sure the child has enough fluid, as well as helping to cool him or her down.

    There seem to be lots of nasty flu and cold viruses going about, so if your child is affected, hopefull this advice will help….

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