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    Hello there,
    I wonder does anybody have children in this creche? It is a gorgeous building and they seem to have lovely facilities but I’d love some feedback from parents of children who go there. Just trying to decide where to send my little girl is a hard decision to make!
    Thanks :)


    Hi Janelle I don’t use BH in Grange Rath but my little one is in another Branch of theirs for almost 2 years now and while it is expensive it is well worth it – my dd is very happy there and i’m very happy with her care. We did have 1/2 problems in the very begining but the branch had only just opened and it was really only teething problems for them & me and all was sorted very professionally.
    if you have any questions feel free to pm me.


    Thanks Munchkin,
    Yes I was really impressed with the set up they have there and the staff were just lovely. It is very expensive and alot more that I was thinking of paying but we just fell in love with it when we were there. I just needed to hear some feedback from a parent to get the inside info! Thanks again much appreciated 🙂


    I know a girl who had her ds in bright horizons she thought the place was great, but her ds did not settle in and also found very expensive, she said didn’t know what it was that he didn’t like but then moved him to hopscotch in castlemartin and he loves it there….

    i have my ds in hopscotch had looked at a few places even bright horizons what i didn’t like was the staff said they’d contact and didn’t and also the price was mad for just pre-montessori… went to hopscotch staff very nice and building is bright and cheery, they have a great play area, they do baking etc and he loves the place, and besides that he really is doing great there, he’s even starting to try to read and he’s only 3 since dec they really encourage everything and the teacher is great, so have a look and see and price is reasonable….

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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