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    What did you all think of our Taoiseach on the Late Late last night????

    I thought Ryan came on very strong at first, as if to make the point he isplanning to be a tough interviewer but then it was all happy and smiley as the interview wrapped, to make everyone feel nice when it was over. It was not well balanced.

    He let him off far too easily on the topic of how people are going to cope with bills & mortgages with the current job losses and he hardly asked about the upcoming budget. We know there will be cuts but he could have delved a bit more there – thats what everyone wants to know about.

    I thought he could have done a more serious, provoking interview with actual appropriate questions.

    It was ridiculous when he tried to get him to apologise as it was clear he had no clue what he was supposed to be apologising for. I cringed when that happened.

    I don’t dislike Brian Cowen – I think he was left a hell of a mess by his predecessor, Mr. Perfect timing – but I did not get too much hope from him last night

    I’ll be part of the crowd marching in Dublin on 19th Sep to help fight against another child unfriendly budget!


    I think I’ll be part of the buggy brigade that day too. PACUB are doing a good job, raising awareness and trying to save children’s allowances and carers allowances so it would be good to see lots of mums & dads and grandparents at the march on Sept 19th to support the cause.

    I can say goodbye to the early childcare supplement (I always suspected that was not going to last!) but we need our children’s allowances and it would be awful it that got means tested or cut down by much.

    Ryan Tubridy could have brought up some of those subjects…also, how come the audience were not able to participate and texts and calls were not welcomed either from the viewers at home?

    He may have looked like he was being interrogated but I think RTE had him well protected with only the interviewer asking the questions and he saw those questions before hand of course.

    I am not against Brain Cowen at all, I don’t envy him the job and he definitely is entitled to a few pints over the weekend but the fact he was able to take the best part of the summer off is madness. The country is in a heap and the TD’s are all off for weeks on end.

    Does not make any sense to me. Only in Ireland eh?


    I kinda felt sorry for him to be honest…. he was handed a hot potato by bertie wouldnt want that job for all the tea in china….He did ask questions but it was like they didnt have the time to answer them and just rushed onto the next topic…. would it not have been better if they had a panel on to quiz Cowen? Or let the audience throw a few questions out…..
    Didnt like Ryan at all, did you notice at the end of Cheriee Blairs Isp) interview she went to shake his hand and he just fixed his papers or something, she looked embarassed god love her


    All the interviews were pre – recordered i think.

    I enjoyed it all last night
    Of course Brian wouldn’t answer the right questions.

    I applied for tickets on the RTE website


    kinda felt sorry for the guys in the band, they were all ready go at the end but then there was a slight delay and before they got started the credits rolled 😆 😆 😆


    Have to say i really enjoyed it i would say he was very nervous but he did a good job.

    I felt a little bit sorry for brian cowen but then thats just because he looks like a mammys boy…
    Love Brian Mc Fadden I have total respect for him and his mother.
    Didnt think much of sharon corr, liked mrs blair. The young actress was full of it, and I Turned it off when I didnt win the competition



    didnt really get to watch it as we were flicking between that and bb.

    have it +’ed for the repeat on monday though.

    seen a bit of brian mc fadden (state of his hair) but he is 100% the biggest numpty EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in no way shape of form should he get custody of those kids!!!! if they are taken off kerry then they should go to his mother, who has been the one taking them when its brians access time, he fu*ked off to oz to be his gf and said that if that nanny left then he would go for custody……… the biggest ASS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cannot wait to hear the whole interview though and brian cowens.


    Its his job that has him in Oz, after westlife he couldnt get work over here….. God anyone has to be better then Kerry and Mark, did you ever watch the mtv programme? its pure car crash tv but love watching it…. she is in no way shape or form able to look after herself never mind 4 kids. When he half sister worked as house keeping the house was spotless, now its FILTHY and the kids look manky, she is an utter basket case and give people with bipolar a bad name

    But I do second you he is a numpty and his hair was in a bob!!!!! What was that about


    aw taylor what job, he hasnt done a tap…have we ever heard anything of him other than being papped with delta or in paper giving out about kerry??? seriously……………..even if it was for "work" who in their right mind would move half way around the world from their kids!!!!!!!! and then when it is visitation they are left with his mother in dublin!!!!

    i know kerry has her problems and yes the kids are prob better off not being there (first 2 to brians mother but then who takes the other 2 she has with mark..seeing as he has this love child and pays NOTHING for it, doesnt even acknowledge he exists and he has another daughter…..jesus jerry springer is calling!!!)

    but in all honesty i really dont think moving them kids to other side of the world is the best option for them.

    plus if he has been that worried about them and their safety, WHY THE HELL WAS HE IN DUBLIN DOING AN INTERVIEW and not on first plane to uk to them!!! bloody HYPOCRITE thats what he is, i have no time for that carry on whatsoever!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


    have to agree with u yummymummy……..he is a total waste odf space……he just wants to be seen to be doing the righr thing to protect his image……..he is an idiot……..he let westlife coz he thought he was bigger and better than the rest of them……..then when his solo career flopped he hightailed it off to Oz with his girlfriend and is now hanging off her coatails hoping to revive his career…..he makes me sick……..i do however feel sorry for his mam………apparently she is a lovely woman who pracically reared his kids when they were babies and now has to see their lives be ruined…….i reckoned she made brian come home to make a fight for them……..

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