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    Hi Tracy,

    i wanted to ask you about breech babies.
    I am 35+3 and baby has been in never been detected in the correct position by my Dr or midwife. I recently had a quick informal scan in Holles St and thankfully baby had not decended into my pelvis – which will make turning easier.
    I am going to acupuncture combined with moxabustion and have even tried hanging upside down off my bed (hips above heart) and playing music down by my pubic area to attract baby down with no success! I reckon s/he loves my liver doubling as a pillow!!!
    Have you any suggestions that I am not trying?
    I am also using your gentle birth self hypnosis,in both my mind movie and my positive afirmations have baby in correct position.

    Any advice is appreciated



    Hi Sarah, you still have plenty of time. Keep doing what you’re doing – hypnosis and acu do have a very high success rate in the studies. Another option at NMH is an ECV where your baby is turned externally into a head down position. If your baby hasn’t turned in the next week or so you’ll be referred to the breech clinic to discuss your options. ECV has about a 50% success rate if the moxa/hypnosis doesn’t do the trick.



    Thanks Tracy. I have a meeting with midwives tomorrow and if still in breech they will refer me on to NMH to see if I can have an ECV in the next week or 2. Fingers crossed! But unfortunatley I know thats not a bum in my ribs 🙂


    Hi Sarah,

    My baby was breech until 37 weeks…I was annoying Tracy like mad for tips and I eventually cleaned the kitchen floor for about an hour one evening and while she had that chance, she turned!!

    Good luck, hope you get good news!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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