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    Got a terrible fright thisafternoon when my youngest daughter had breathing difficulties. She has touch of asthma but never had anything this bad. Her little chest was working overtime and she was flushed in the face from all the quick breathing.

    I rushed her straight to doc on call and they loaded her up on steroids, anti-biotic and a host of medicines for next few days. Doc said it was just as well got her in when I did or could have been a hospital trip later on.

    Scary stuff, her breathing sounded like a broken accordion or squeaky rubber duck – i never heard anything like it and it came on so suddenly. She’s had a cough for past few days but it just escalate so quickly.

    Lots of TLC to be administered over next days…



    Hope that she has improved over night, once the meds kick in hopefully she will be back to normal before you know it. it must have been scary for all of you.



    Hope your child is fine now.
    Just recently my kid had suffered sudden breathing difficulties too. Our doctor said it could be caused by dust mites… I was shocked and started to google immediately about it. I stumbled across an article about it and was shocked. I got rid of my old pillows and mattresses the same day, I also did extra vacuuming and washing all the carpets and plush toys.

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    Our daughter has asthma and when the weather turns damp or very cold, she can get nasty infections and breathing difficulties from it. We used to have her on a blue inhaler when it flared up but now we have her on a brown one every day for preventative care and the blue one only if she really needs it. We have to be careful not to let her use the blue one much because it can increase her heart rate!

    She has been quite chesty in the run up to Christmas and missed a few days off school but thankfully, the brown inhaler is helping her.

    Dust is terrible for her though and can really set her off coughing and sneezing and wheezing so I am careful to make sure I change her pillows every 6 months or so and vacuum her mattress every month or two.

    Also, carpets can be a dist magnet so we have wooden floors in her bedroom. it all helps a little.

    Hope your little one ok now.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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