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    Looking for that post on breath holding & can’t find it so sorry bout starting another one! Had my sister in law up for a few days with her 6 month old son… Seemingly when he was in the hospital on day 3 the midwife was showing them how to givehim a bath, he was screaming, then held his breath & turned blue. The midwife was very young, picked the baby up & ran out of the room with him….Crap attack or what??? Anyway she was a very nervous first mother & since he has done it on average once a month. He also did it when he went for his injections at 2 monthsi think? The doctor didn’t seem too bothered by it & just told her to give him the dummy to suck & it should help prevent it.
    Since all this has started she now comforts him constantly, doesn’t let him cry if at all possible, hence you cannot put the child down for 2 mins or he starts screaming, a vicious cycle…any advice? as i said he’s only 6 months now.


    hi it was me who posted that. i bumped it back up for ya!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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