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    I want to pick up some breastfeeding vest tops, with the clips on the end of the straps, to wear under my clothes to give me some discretion when feeding baby when out and about.

    Had a look in few places and they seem crazy expensive – around 35 euro for 1 single vest top!!!

    Anyone know where to get these that they don’t cost a fortune??



    I got some in the mothercare sale. Vests 15 euro, top with cardigan type thing attached 15 euro and black top 20 euro. Been having a look online but havent found anything reasonable especially in plus sizes…hate anything to tight. Let me know if you find anything else! ps Mothercare in Stephans Green had the best maternity/feeding range I came across so far.

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    Is that the kind of thing you are talking about?

    I always use ebay / amazon…. normally able to pick up a lot cheaper….


    I got mine YEARS ago in H&M in Dundrum…. dont know if they still do them, they were only 15e. Huge maternity clothes sale on in mothercare


    I got some brilliant breast-feeding tops from, and wear them under absolutely everything.
    (In my experience, go for the size bigger than what you think you are.)

    I’ve teamed them with some tops from

    I thought the ones from Onceborn were a little expensive, but they’re organic cotton and have washed really well and have kept their shape brilliantly too.

    Having the right breast-feeding clothes has made all the difference to me for successful breast-feeding. The tops make everything really discreet, and there’s no faffing with awkward fasteners.

    Hope this helps.


    Thanks a million girls, some great ones listed there.

    Fair play chewie….who knew they could be got from 7.99!!!


    Thanks a million girls, some great ones listed there.

    Fair play chewie….who knew they could be got from 7.99!!!

    I dont think you will get better than that, look nice and long too, so your baby belly will be covered while you get your boobs out 😆 😆 😆


    I have to say having breast fed in every conceivable location such as in the middle seat of a very packed plane, on the back of the 32A bus, in a shop, in a restaurant, in a church and many many more places I have never worn a top especially designed for breast feeding.

    It is much more discreet to fed by lifting your top upwards rather than down wards, just get a bf bra and you be sorted…and maybe a light cardi

    I don’t think I ever flashed indecently at all..and if you are especially worried just have a little blanket ready to throw aside your chest until baby latches on..

    Thats one thing that always annoyed me about whenever they show some one breast feeding..even in "pro" bf ads ( mind you these are usually cow and gate sponsered anyway) is that the womans ti*s are hanging out all over the place with giant nipples been shown in every shot..I don’t have the smallest chest and i doubt any one ever got a peek..

    Just read taylors post and can’t guarantee no baby belly won’t be flashed..however its usually covered by your udders at that stage lol lol


    I fed everywhere too HMM, on a train, in a church, in a pub…. I definitely agree you can feed anyplace anytime and be discreet. That’s one of the convenient things about breastfeeding, its on tap no matter where you are.

    On my previous 3 babies I never had such a thing as a breastfeeding top but having seen some mums wearing them, have to admit they look so clever and comfy that I would like to have a few for feeding this baby. Apart from opening the clip – which looks so easy rather than tugging to pull tops up & down – I also want to cover my belly area while feeding!

    Tbh, it’s the spare tyre I want to cover more so than the odd bit of breast, or even the occasional flash of nipple!! 😆 😆


    Bf-ing my third – and do everywhere he’s hungry. The tops sold on onceborn by a Swedish company called boob are BRILLIANT. You should absolutely buy one. I like the long sleeved ones as I’m inclined to get cold.

    They keep tummy and shoulders covered while feeding & give plenty of room for even a massive pair :D. Just make sure you buy a size up (ie if small, buy medium) is a fab company to deal with. No problem with returns etc. Can’t fault them at all.


    I would suggest a breastfeeding top with the slits versus the tab pull down camisole ones. I have both and always have to cover the top part of my breast with a cloth when wearing the tank top/camisole type as I feel too much of the boob is exposed (the whole thing actually!).

    The "Boob" brand of nursing tops are stylish and functional. I got a great nursing top at Mothercare in the sale for €5! It was the Mum2B brand.


    Caligal thats the type of bf tops i had, i just didnt like the whole lifting up the top, i could bf and people sitting beside me woudlnt even know…

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