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    Hi all,

    For any mums-to-be or new mums out there, here is an article I have in today’s Irish Independent about breastfeeding…. … 93445.html

    This group is really enthusiastic about helping mums who want to give breastfeeding a shot to get the support they need. They are not trying to talk anyone into it, they are just trying mums who want to do it.

    I hope they get lots of feedback today after the article…


    Thank you sabbi. It’s wonderful.


    Great article and the group sounds fab – I’ve already emailed them for more info!! I bf’d DS1 for 13 months (after thinking "oh, I’ll just give it a go and see how it goes for a bit" before he was born!!).. He self-weaned the day before we got our positive pregnancy test for baby number 2!

    I am not someone who would stand on a soap-box on the issue of breastfeeding – there is nothing wrong with formula in my eyes, and every mum is different and has to do what suits them etc. I also appreciate I was v lucky with DS1 and had no problems with latch pain/mastitis etc and if Ihad I think I’d feel v differently!

    For me I loved the ease of it once we got going -especially for night feeds (v lazy person and will always opt for the easy option!), and just the bond I felt when I fed him – can’t really explain it, I just loved it! And I’m a v private person and didn’t like the idea of being "exposed" but it’s just not like that, and besides you don’t care when your bubba is hungry!!

    Anyway, if you do decide to breastfeed, I do think it’s so so important to have a really good support network to help you through the difficult times. I found it quite easy with DS1 as he was so good and did all the hard work, but there were times when I needed more help and considered "giving up". The biggest support I had was from my best friend in England, and she wasn’t even physically around to help me day-to-day!

    So this time with baby number 2 I will have a go and see how we get on, and fingers crossed it will work out again for us. I’m not sure how long I’ll do it for, or if we’ll get past day 1, but we’ll definitely give it our best shot! And at least I know there is good support out there to encourage us to keep going! 🙂


    Interesting article.

    sorry in advance for lack of capital letters in the post, it is sticking on lap top x

    I too had a nasty enough delivery and did not get to hold my baby.

    I developed mastitis after the third day and baby could not latch on , no one could seem to show me properly but I perservered regardless, then after 4 days I began pumping and did that for month..when I developed mastitis again I returned to holles street and met the most wonderfull consultant..she gave me the belief i needed as i had not got it any where else…i ditched the pump and breastfed my daughter succesfully for over 3 years.

    the midwives etc are sometimes very quick to throw the bottle in your direction when things get tough.
    money should be spent on more breast feeding help as it would defo save money iin the long run.
    i think it is once you return home after having a baby that you need the most breast feeding help ..once the proper milk comes in.
    AS A a lot of you know too i am a great believer in extended breast feeding..something too which should be encouraged x


    Oh my gosh Happymumblemum,

    Thats is amazing, I’ve never heard someone who pumped for a long time and then was able to successfully go on to breastfeed…good woman!!

    again, I don’t think its fair to push breastfeeding on mums, its a personal choice but if someone wants to do it, they should get the support they need and thats the point of the Friends of Breastfeeding group….

    They’re such a nice bunch of girls and I’m sure they’ll make a difference

    Good luck to them!

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