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    Can anyone recommend a particular model / brand?

    Does anyone know if La Leche / Cuidiu etc or anyone else rents them out?



    I used the double electric pump that was in Temple street hospital when Hailey was there for the first 3 weeks as she couldn’t actually feed from me herself as she was too ill so they tube fed my milk to her through a naso gastric tube.

    I agree you do feel a bit like a machine being milked :oops: but it is done really quickly as you are doing the 2 together.I think they are expensive to buy but I think they may be possible to rent alright.

    I had a hand pump Avent one for at home & it took ages in comparison and felt more uncomfortable & your hand got sore from doing the pumping bit too!

    I have seen these come up for offer on jumbletown a lot & they are free,you could just sterilise it a few times & it would be as good as new.


    Check out

    They do loads of different kinds of pumps and I think they rent them out too. I got all my pumps from them. IMO, the best pump is Medela double electric. You do feel a bit like a cow being milked but its fast, efficient and easy to use and is by far, the best one I ever used (and in 10 years, I have used a lot of breast pumps, hand held, single and then double electric, the best one!!)


    I also used the medela & would recommend it. The only other downside was that a tad noisy if you are using it somewhere other than your own house!!

    U Mamma

    Hi there,

    We are the stockists for the Medela breastpumps and am very happy to offer you some advice and info on the products. Our sister company Medicare supplies all Irish hospital with the Medela range, it’s highly recommended and well established.

    Which Medela pump to buy would depend on how often you need to use it. This is because the motor strength varies on each pump. There are pumps available to purchase and to rent (rental pump: these pumps are the ones in the maternity wards in the hospital). Here is a list of all the pump available:

    Medela Harmony: single manual breastpump – suitable for occasional use.
    Medela Mini Electric: single electric breastpump – suitable for up to 2 expressions per day.
    Medela Swing: single electric breastpump – suitable for up to 4 expressions per day. 2 phase expressions technology (stimulation phase prior to expression phase)
    Medela Freestyle: double electric breastpump – suitable for all expressions per day. 2 phase expressions technology (stimulation phase prior to expression phase)

    Medela Symphony: double electric breastpump – suitable for all expressions per day. 2 phase expressions technology (stimulation phase prior to expression phase). This pump would be used by mums for the following reasons:
    *Exclusively expressing or a lot during the day.
    *Premature baby
    *Feeding difficulties
    *Low milk supply

    Any other questions please shout:)

    U Mamma xx


    We got all our breast pumps – from when our son was born 10 years ago until our last daughter, 2 years ago from U Mamma – and we always found them so helpful & friendly. My husband actually drove down to collect the first one and he had not got a clue what he was doing and they were so nice to him. I always remembered that – they were so nice to a first time dad who had no idea what to get!!

    Definitely recommend them for any kind of breastpump. Nice to go to someone who knows what they are talking about and an Irish company too! 😀

    U Mamma

    That’s such lovely feedback, thank you so much Sabbi!

    It can be such an overwhelming time and all so new for some parents. I’m delighted you had a good experience with us. It sounds like you could be working for us now with all your experience, 10 years, well done 😀

    U Mamma xx


    Will consider you info, U Mamma, & will check your website. Am due back to work in about six weeks & ideally would like to be able to leave a feed or two for him when I am at work & also keep up my milk supply.

    Never had much success at expressing before (this is DS4), so starting easy with a friend’s basic manual pump & expressing a couple of oz a day while feeding baby & freezing.

    Any advice welcome on how best to proceed appreciated.

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