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    I honestly mean to check myself regularly but I often end up forgetting.

    I was just wondering how often other women check themselves for lumps & bumps in the breast area. I know I should be more vigilant but I seem to forget whenever I’m on the shower.

    how often do you all check?


    every 3 / 6 months

    I get paranoid sometimes checking the whole time

    My step – Mum normally reminds regularly

    I would hate to find anything – But there is so many improvements in treatments.


    I would check myself regularly enough – maybe every 2 months or so… generally when I am in the shower… it is something we should all do religiously.


    I go for regular smears as my mum has cervical cancer cells removed a few years ago – I just seem to be showered and dressed when I remember I should have done it. Its on my list for tomorrow…


    i have to say i do check myself out, when my aunt died of breast cancer 11 years ago not long after i found a lump it ended up being a cist but because of my aunt it made me more aware of my breasts and how i should check them out more….my aunt died a horrible death all because she didn’t do anything about her lump and when she did finally go to get the lumo checked it was too late, the treatment prolonged her agony and she lost her fight, i often wonder would she still be here right now if she had done something earlier i think she was afraid of what she’d be told and therefore did nothing until it was too late….

    so girls really get them checked….and i must say also regards cervical cancer i really never really undertood what it was about to be honest until jade goody…..i do remember when i has my first ds 3.5 yrs ago when i was pregnant i was asked when i had had last smear, i said never the midwife gave out i was like take a chill pill. now i know why, i’m due another one now and will defo get done even if for a few mins of discomfort….


    Showing my ignorance here but what is the proper way to check?

    what exactly are we looking for? i know its a lump but how does it feel to touch.

    Sorry if its a stupid question but i often wonder am i checking right.


    I have smears done regularly, i have had a few scars years back and now have it done once a year. Its free at the moment which is great.

    Breast check dont do it probably as often as i should, my cousin died about 4 years ago she was only 35, left behind a yr old baby and a 6 yr old. My breasts always felt very lumpy to me, so anytime i am at the GP i always ask the nurse to check them for me.


    You check your breast around the same time as you period, you can do it lying down to start with then as you know what your doing you can do in shower etc… put one had over your head (to stretch the breast tissue) with the other hand fell your breast, do in sections as it top, bottom and sides…
    As long as you know what is normal for your breast and look for change, like Lai said I would have always had a lumpy texture to my breast tissue, so thats normal for me……. if you never had this then feel a lump, thats different….. its just to know what normal for you breasts
    I do it once or twice a year maybe a bit more but not very regular, I do find I might be watching tv in bed and would give them a check

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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