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    Breast Cancer Fundraiser Coffee Morning next Thursday, 29th, October @ 10:00 in Bagel Bar, Laurence Town Centre

    Come along to the Bagel Bar on Thursday 29th October, around 10am to sample all things pink!!

    There will be a pink theme to the morning as we chat about and raise money for Breast Cancer Research.

    There will be a raffle with lots of prizes to be won.

    It is in aid of a great cause so hope to see many mums there.



    Sounds brilliant!

    I’m going to wear a pink feather boa in honour of the occasion, is that in order?

    C u then!


    ah have something planned already for thurs, but will donate is that possible???

    it’s something dear to my heart lost my aunt at 50yrs old from breast cancer…..


    Might try and come along to that – DS is sick so will see how he is then….


    Scole why don’t you buy some raffle tickets? Then you might win something but you are donating too? You can drop money to Denise from Avon for tickets before Thursday? She is one of main organisers on the day and will have the tickets. Just write your name on the back so if you get pulled out we’ll know its you. We’ll see you at Bagel Bar next Tuesday hopefully…

    The Bagel Bar are offering us all samples of their crepes on Thursday too and they are launching a new Pasta menu and will be offering us tasters of that. They have also kindly donated a very generous prizes of a kids party feast for 10 children – thanks guys!

    Hjs – great idea about the feather boa, I might have one here I can wear too.

    Hope to see lots of mums there on the day, its such a great cause.


    hi… i’m interested in your fundraiser. I work with a company called forever living. We produce natural products and one of our best sellers is our ever shield deoderant stick. IT DOES NOT CONTAIN ALLUMINIUM SALTS which have been directly linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. it lasts about 6 to 8 months. we also have an extensive health and wellbeing range of natural products. I would be very interested in doing a presentation whereby 15% of the retail value of anything sold would be given to your cause. Please call me at 087 9589588 if you are interested… jennifer


    Great idea re kids’ party prize.

    With dd celebrating 6th birthday and ds celebrating 3rd birthday BOTH, yes, you read it right, BOTH on 6th Dec, I’ll be buying millions of tix for that!!!!

    Well done all concerned!


    I also buy only deodorant without aluminium salts.
    And it’s an organic cosmetic.
    It’s not the same brand as jennifer -mine might be cheaper, but only find it in France, so more expensive if you had the flight ticket

    But I can only recommand deodorant without aluminium salt.

    My Avon distributor organised few weeks ago a coffee morning for breast cancer research, and it was a BIG SUCCESS. I wish you a big success as well.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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