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    I am currently feeding my 8mth old Milupa breakfast (pear flavour etc). However , I think it is very expensive as she goes thru a box very quickly.

    Is it ok to give her wheatabix with formula milk or has anyone any more cost effective suggestions?

    Just want to make sure I am not missing a trick :)


    Ready break is good at this age, I prefer to give oats than wheat, think its easier to digest for them. You can make it with formula or water


    I have an 8 month old and make her regular oatmeal with 1/2 banana and mixed with cows milk. She gets this after for morning breastmilk.


    Thank you both , will get ready break,

    Do you just mash up the banana with a fork? Is it not hard to swallow ?

    Ill try to mix it through in the morning..


    you can mash the banana using a fork and perhaps in with some of her milk, its easy enough for an 8 month old to swallow usually. I also give them some chopped up pieces of banana from around 8 months too.

    Might take a few goes until you get it right, be patient!


    Hi there,

    I gave both of mine weetabix at this stage. Much cheaper than the baby cereals and not as sweetened. In saying that, mine did not really like the baby cereal – so it was very short lived in our house.

    8 month old is well able for a bit of banana – mammy watching may not be!!! If you do freak and think baby is choking, put her over your lap and make sure the head is lower that the rest – any food will fall out.


    Yeah we were onto weetabox or readybrek at 8month stage – gas both of mine loved readybrek but won’t touch it for me now but they both still love weetabix.
    i used cow’s milk from 6months in everything but their bottles in mashing potatoes, in cereal all that type of thing.


    Thanks, this has been so helpful. I’ve also been cooking blueberries/raspberries/apples in a pan and then mixing with natural yogurt. It goes down v well if thats a tip for anyone.

    one more question, at what stage should I be reducing the number of bottles she is on, she is on 4 a day..


    Depends on the baby – and the mum!

    Some babies are milk monsters (mine), some chuck the bottle away at 9 months

    Don’t be in any rush – she’ll let you know. I was advised to feed first and then give bottle & sooner or later the amount she’ll want will drop.

    Officially no more bottles from age 1, but didn’t happen with any of my three. Middle guy is three and still has a bottle at bedtime. Used to freak out a bit that I was failing him somehow, but at least he is getting plenty of calcium.

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