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    Watched the new Brad Pitt Film the other night, The curious case of Benjamin Button…

    Have to say it was one of the best films ever, I cried nearly all the way throuh it ( a sign of a great film for me!!), it is very long but it was brill .

    Not usually my kind of film.

    It was a bit like a darker , deeper, Forrest Gump kinda.. :lol:


    what’s it about??


    isnt he born aging and as he gets "older" he actually gets youger???

    looks fab to me, something i would defo watch but going to see seven pounds on fri, maybe next week 🙂


    Yes kinda…. he is born an old man but a babys mind, as the film progresses he gets physically younger but mentally older if that makes sense..

    Wonderfully directed film, one of my faves.

    Slumdog Millionaireis very very good too


    I’ve been dying to watch this movie! My sister said that itwas really good. I love both him and cate blanchet they have very good chemistry and might i add he is looking so handsome!!! How long was the movie?


    Nearly 2.45 mins, I never noticed the time going though, but dp did he thought it was way too long and too depressing

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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