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    Just thought I’d let everyone know who might be thinking of joining or who is a member and doesn’t know yet – the Boyne Valley have taken the decision to get rid of their creche facilities from Aug 1st! They didn’t even bother to inform those of us who use it – only found out when dropped mine off!

    Not much notice, eh? :twisted:

    They have completely made mine and alot of other mums memberships completely redundant.


    well, it seems us mammies made enough noise! The brilliant creche at BVCC is to stay open! Good news for anyone thinking of joining! :D



    dont stress too much hun, youve alot on. You can always leave DS with me in Naionra for the few hours if you need to. I wont mind and AL wont be there when we open back up!!

    Great to see ya today x


    Aw thanks for that J – was lovely seeing you too! Kids were thrilled!
    I really appreciate the offer as well.
    Chat soon!


    Thats terrible!!! It would defo be a reason for mams to have joined as so many other gyms don’t have childcare…I’d demand a refund on the grounds that you can no longer use it (unless they’ll let you put the kids on the cross bar of the exercise bike!!) 😀


    that’s a nuisance, i joined on that basis and haven’t been told yet! I paid upfront for the year too! I would look for a refund but whats the other options, theres no other gym/creche in the area? Is there?


    The Westgate gym did have a drop in creche, not sure if its still open


    Kate – PM me if you want the names and phone numbers of those to complain to…there are a bunch of us mums not happy and wanting to cancel our membership.

    If they stay with the decision to close the creche we are all heading to The Westgate with a drop in creche.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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