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    super minder

    loking for one for 23 may its a sat have i left it too late or does anyone have a number for me to ring.

    ruffly how much do they cost . its years since i had one. do they have a half day rate or full day rate.
    any help would be great


    oh there’s loads advertised in the drogheda leader, you’ll no doubt get one, but smyths were doing a fab deal 199 for a massive one that was also an obsticle course, i was thinking of getting one to hire out, but if you had a big garden and had a load of kids you’d get great value out of it…..

    anyway best of luck, never hired one we don’t have the room…….


    in meath coaster – myles bouncing castles…..0872612048 & 0419827626

    eurobounce – 0419843988 / 0879112411 / 0872798738


    I,ve 1st communion that day as well booked euro bounce there in wheaton hall cost €100.The drogheda leader normally has a list of who do them plenty to chose from.Are you all sorted for the big day ?

    super minder

    nearly sorted. i only need to get him his white rosett bagde for the suit. try every shop in west street on sat. try to get my mum in dublin to get me one.

    have youa girl or boy and are you all sorted


    pretty much sorted i’ve girl making it and her b’day the following day.hope you get good weather for the day. 😀


    did you try easons superminder??? prob all sold out were they?

    Lulu i have a ds who making his on sat andhis bday is the day before, great timing huh 🙂

    all sorted myself thank god!!! the stress of doing it all by myself i tell ya.



    I bought a white rosette yesterday in the shop in the Augustinian Church on Shop street. across from Dwyers shoe shop


    Hi Angie,

    Paul Byrne is Millmount Abbey does bouncy castles. His number is 0877470636.

    Hope this helps and enjoy the communion.



    theres loads of communions on saturday my ds is making it to in tenure

    super minder

    got castle for 90 euros .
    got skip today and filled it with backyard stuff . in the rain . but it had to be done.
    went to iceland yesterday in belfast and got loads of food and saved a packet .

    cathmc im heading to there tomorrow thanks so much.

    my exs parents are comming down from dublin forthe day and i havnt seen them in 6 years . since then i have lost 10 stone and got a boob job plus im a lady and dont hide away and say nothing. i have a voice.

    so i have a lot to show off now and im very proud of my son jack and myself . xxxx



    You should be proud. You have great strength of character to turn your life around. Well done to you and enjoy the day.

    My DS communion is tomorrow. Am worried about rain, house is not big enough for my kids and their cousins racing around. Have trampoline out the back, was banking on good weather. Ah well, the joys of living in Ireland.


    Super minder, i saw those ressettes in the newsagents beside Dunnes Stores aT Colpe Cross (on Dublin road), you know that new shopping centre across from the Europe hotel, sorry cant remember the name of it.

    They had loads of communion stuff on a table. I was shocked as was looking for some last week for my nephew & never thought to look there.

    Enjoy all the communions tomorrow.

    super minder

    got one in duleek pharmancy xxxxx

    im excited now xxxx


    Good luck for tomorrow well done on loosing 10stone wow!! and turning your life around. Have a good one.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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