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    On saturday I was driving and did pass along the Oasis creche, some teenagers were walking on the roof of it.
    A bit dangerous and in case of accident I hope the creche won’t be responsable.

    But I do understand it seams to be very little for teenagers to do for free when out of school around laytown- Bettystown – Mornington area.
    No free skate-board ramps, basket-ball pitch or any free and open and safe teenager friendly play/sport area.

    My children are a bit too young for now, but I’m starting to worrid about what will they do when they’ll be teenagers.
    What are your teenagers doing when out of school?



    yes the creche would be responsible if they fall, its up to the creche to make sure they cant gain access to the roof

    Where are the parents?


    Will you follow your 15 year old?
    Parents must think they are outside chating with friends. But yes they should know a bit more about their teenagers activities.
    Along we should have more free places for teenagers to hang-out safely.



    there is a teenage get together group in Julianstown. There are teenage discos in the summer in lots of places and there are groups they can join, like dance groups and girl guides/scouts etc.

    I was in girl guides & scouts when I was a teenager – was great for keeping me out of trouble!!


    Julianstown, how do they get there? very few buses, unless Matthews let people in for short trips? I thought they had the right only to do the commuting service not local, it could have been changed.
    As well bus is not free.
    Disco great but can it keep them busy every day?
    How much does it actually cost to entertain a teenager over the WE and holidays?
    Some parents may not be able to afford 10 euro a day or more per teenager, Ican’t . And how many teenagers are left on their own in the summer while parents are at work? Not a clue but I would not be surprised if it happens.
    But again I don’t have a teenager yet, so I don’t really know what’s available. I just I saw some teenagers who must have been bored enough to go and walk on the creche roof.



    Fabienne they can all get jobs, i had fulltime summer jobs from 13 and i had part time jobs working for my father from the age of 7 or 8 years old….. if we ever said we were bored, my father would hand up a bucket and say that truck needs washing or the yard needs sweeping, we would get a 20p or 50p

    No i wont follow my ds at 15 but i would hope he would have the right values and respect for his own safety not to do stupid things like running on the roof of a building!!!


    There is no jobs out there for anyone never mind teenagers
    There is such strict guidelines for 13 – 18 yrs olds working

    Its expensive to keep them occupied.
    My ds is involved in scouts – it costs money too
    He thinks it grows on trees

    All his friends are going to Fingal Airsoft on sat he wants to go its €55 from 12 – 5..


    What 55e!!!! Wow thats alot for just one afternoon.

    What i meant by getting a job was doing work for family and friends, ie cutting the grass, gutters, windows… earn their pocket money

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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