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    Last Friday I was late for doing my shopping.
    Standing in front of my house with my three boys (the youngest in am pram), setting the rules for our little tour.
    We had to cross Ashfield View when something caught my eye:
    There was a tyre rolling down the road, getting faster by every metre covered, right in the direction of the busy Trinity Street!
    Thanks to my vivid imagination I knew what could happen and decided in a jiffy what to do.
    Somebody had to stop it! No other pedestrians were around so it was up to me to prevent damage to passing-by cars.
    I told my kids to wait on the footpath, blocked the wheels of my pram and ran onto the calm road, trying to stop the tyre.
    Even though I caught the tyre eventually with my hands it was way to fast and it hit my knee.
    Looking up the road I could see the Ashfield children who were waiting for something to happen.
    When they saw me looking up, they jumped back over/off the wall surrounding the Ashfield View housing estate to hide.

    First I threw the tyre in the grass next to the road but then I saw one bold child darting towards it, trying to retrieve his "toy".
    I picked it up again and brought it over to the Statoil garage, telling the shop keeper why I had done that.
    I planned toget on with my business and went back to my children, when my boys pointed into the direction I was coming from.
    "Look, mum, there’s a garda!" Yes, just in the nick of time! I caught up with him just when he was about to get back into his car.
    I told him what had happened and asked him to go up there to make sure that there are at least no more tyres lying around.
    And that’s what he did! Good man himself :-)

    When I reached the Aldi-Store I felt that the pain in my knee was getting worse so I checked.
    Well, not just a bruise but broken skin.
    Thanks to the shop assistants there who gave me two bandages I felt a little better walking all the way back down to our house again. :-)

    Thank God I looked up the road and saw the thing coming down! Even though I hurt myself in that "mission" I would do it again! And turning away, not caring about what was to happen?
    I couldn’t live with knowing something had happened and I could have stopped it!

    Please make sure that you dispose of your worn-out tyres carefully!
    Don’t just leave them somewhere – not just for the sake of the environment – bored kids might do something with them that could actually cause harm to people!
    Tell your children to not participate in such games or to stop their friends from messing like that.
    It’s almost as bad as throwing bricks from a footbridge onto underneath passing-by cars…

    That’s it for now ;-)
    Thanx 4 reading!


    Fair play to your woman, many would just ignore it.

    God if that had went down the hill onto the main road, it could have caused loads of damage. Sideimpact is worse then head on, just think of a child in a carseat and his door getting bashed with a run away tyre.

    We had a firetruck up here earlier after 3 little feckers set the fields behind my neighbours house on fire. The neighbour seen the three kids, they live at the front of the estate and their mothers think they are angels

    What do these parents think their darlings are up to when they are out and about?


    Good question!
    Some parents don’t seem to mind, sadly 🙁
    Somebody should just dare to say something to them!

    At the place where I’m working at we always communicate with the parents, telling them the good and the bad stuff that happened…giving feedback is important, what do you think?


    the parents can just sit back and ignore what their "little angels" are up to if they want but if something terrible happened to someone because of it then they’ll have to take notice and they’ll come out with the excuse that they hadn’t a clue what they were up to
    if people don’t stand up to them now they’ll get away with anything
    parents should take more interest in what their children get up to if not why have children in the first place!


    Amen to that 😀


    a real life Charlie Angel … well done JoyJ


    I know you want to stand up a aproach them, but look at the man in the UK who was kicked to death when he went out onto the street to stop a group of lads messing about with a neighbours car

    The same little brats that set fire to the field were playing with a trollie across from my house, it few down the hill hit the bank and flew into the middle of hte road, thank God there wasnt a child walking along the footpath. I went out to them a few times and what a little 8 year old called me left me shocked. After the trolly ended up inches from the back of my car I went out again, but this time with my phone on record…. again the cheeky pup called me all things under the sun, I got into the car and drove around to his house (his mummy was have a few friend for lunch) I told her what L was up to andshe was No he wouldnt say that, so I took out my phone and showed her, well to say she nearly died would be an underestimation. She hasnt spoken to me since 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

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