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    We gave out some samples of the Boots own brand nappy range out to some Mumstown members over the past few weeks to try on babies and toddlers or various sizes and here is the feedback we’ve been getting:

    Muireann from Meath said: "I was very happy with the Boots nappies, size 3. They were a super fit, there were no leaks and seemed comfortable on the baby. Thanks again for the samples, Muireann"

    Bianca in Louth said "I find them quite good actually, very absorbent. My 2 yo only needs nappies during the night now and a lot of times they’d leak, especially pampers ones, they’re so thin, never holds over night, but I’ve noticed the boots ones don’t leak which is great."

    David in Dublin said "I take my daughter to swim classes every week and find the Boots swim nappies excellent. They are much cheaper than the ones we had previously been buying and they stay in good shape right through the swim and do no droop, like some other brands do. We would not have thought about Boots for swim nappies but we are definitely going to keep buying them now. Excellent value and superb quality"

    Boots nappies are excellent value and often, they have great deals on in store. They can work out cheaper than LIDL and we’ve had consistent feedback they are very absorbent.

    Worth a go and remember to use your Boots card when buying products as they have a very goodreward card system.


    Recently tried them and thought they were great. Much better than Pampers. They were very comfortable on my lo and didnt leak


    We are very impressed too. We have had zero leaks and that’s saying something, as our toddler has a big bum 😯

    With the lower prices on their own brand and special offers in Boots on 3 for 2 they can work out cheaper than LIDL!! They have loads of offers on still at the moment and different types of nappies, so plenty to choose from. Definitely a range we will be buying again. The pull ups are our favourite for our toddler.

    And the little swimmer nappies in the Boots range are excellent too and so much cheaper than many of the branded ones. It used to drive me mad paying almost 13 euro for these in Tesco and they are under 6 euro in Boots!! … s_1331160/

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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