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    Hi Girls (and boys) its the back to school season and with that the "Nit season" starts in earnest
    Nits happen in all schools and in all classes etc, some people have the attutide "oh not my little Jimmy" The Stigma of your child having nits is still there, my oldest is starting school and im not looking forward to Nits at all, im a bit neurotic about things like this (im getting itchy just typing this :lol: :lol: :lol: )
    I dont like products on the market as most can be too harsh and envasive, if your child has astima they cant use most of the products

    I got this comb ready and waiting to go and a large bottle of T Tree oil, it cant be used in a quick and easy fashion to check for nits on a regular basis, or to kill off the little feckers :lol: :lol: :lol: … omb_47060/


    Thanks for the tip Taylor but you have me scratching my head already


    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


    Never had them in this house….the fleas eat them all 😆


    avon detangling spray also acts like a repllent..few squirts in the morning..happy days…but uhh the thoughts…


    Scratching now 👿


    standing in a shop today i was standing behind a little girl and she had nits in her hair from root to tip you could see them dangling out of hair well not to say i got the shivers and ran 😆 😆


    get lost nicky…really…oh i feel sick thinking of that…uuuuhhhhhhhh

    but you know the mad thing is that lice clings to clean hair not dirty hair….uuuhhhhh


    Just the word makes me sick..

    My dd had this all the time for first three yrs of primary school
    I tried everything – every potion under the sun – nothing worked… listening to all the old wifes tales

    They just go after awhile = she has now long hair and keeps it up or in bandana

    It was even suggested that i should bring her to a specialist – they just went them selves…

    It was so stressful ever it….


    My ds only had them once and it was when he was in playschool!

    I have only ever gotten 2 letters home from school regarding an outbreak (and he is going into 4th)

    I have to be honest if I seen one in his head id be driving up to my mams to get her to deal with it, that kinda thing makes me sick even thinking about it makes me itch and shudder…..YUCH!!!!!


    yuk itchyscratchy .hate them.have not had to dealwith them yet.well not at grand with injuries blood gore ,puke etc but something thats alive and crawling arrrgh 😯 dd startingschool. methinks i going to boots get one ofthem combs


    my niece had them when dd2 was only a few weeks old and i had to stop myself from pulling the baby away from her oh the thoguhts of it

    My dd1 has long hair and has done since she was quiet young – i always have it tied up when she’s in creche AND i use childrens tea tree shampoo on her hair most of the time. In the 3yrs+ that she’s been in creche there hasn’t been a case of it – touch wood that’ll continue for a while!


    Oh girls im so glad im not the only one who cant deal with this!!! When working in the chemist if someone came in looking for treatment for head lice, i would take a step back!!! I TRIED not to do it but i couldnt 😳 😆 😆


    Arggh – my two are not in school yet but they do go to a minder that has school kids. My dd has a huge mop of hair – just the hiding place, I would imagine. I am having a running battle trying to stop her pulling the clips, scrunchies, etc out – I shall have to battle harder now!!!!


    Good to know about the Avon kids detangling spray.

    I’m an Avon rep. (don’t know all the tips about the product, so I was glad to read about the detangling spray).
    If anyone wants to order from me (even just one single spray, there is no such thing as too small order). just pm me.

    Delivery around Bettystown/Mornington area or if you collect at my house or meeting on fridays at the family swim in Bettystown court hotel.

    The detangling spray is on offer 2.25, normally 3.60.
    That spray and the lotus shield antifrizz leave in serum are my best sellers, can’t recommend them enough.

    You can look at the online brochure

    About head lice, some children and adults are more prone to it.
    I rarely had it as a child, my sisteralways had it and now 36, still gets it (she works with children).

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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