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    My son loves to read. he has been flying through the Horrid Henry books (fun but not exactly literature at its best) and he has read some books on space and plant earth etc but now I want to get him into reading some of the classics.

    This week I got him ‘Tom Sawyer’ from the library and will follow that up with ‘The Adventures of Huckelberry Finn’ next.

    Looking for some suggestions for other books he can read, or we can read together….


    i take jack to the library as his reading is better than mine lol
    drogheda free for kids and 1.50 for adults . also lots of story times around the hoildays xxx

    or big book shelfes in the vincent the paul building on fair street . and that way your helping others too xxx

    darren shan is very bad with the boys at the moment loads of books in the that range . god bless the library or i tell you what jack wouldnt have got the books he wanted. moneys tight


    Just typed the message and lost it in cyberspace!

    Hubbie says: Famous Five, Secret Seven, Adventurous Four, The Bobbsey Twins. Basically any Enid Blyton…

    We are both avid readers and have always read since childhood…. 🙂


    Ahhh the Famous five…good memories!!! Will defo pick that one up!

    Its an amazing thing to get into a good book, it can really make you think differently about things. The library in Balbriggan is super, they have a massive selection of books and really friendly staff. Great selectionfor kids too and if there is a book you want but cannot find it, they will either find it or order it for you. And its all free!


    ANything from Roald Dahl,
    diary of a wimpy kid
    Harry Potter

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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