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    Has anyone tried the ‘little sitters’ website or anything similar? I like the idea of it as I’m hoping to find someone to mind my baby for a couple of hours to allow me attend a class. However, I’m reluctanct to pay the annual fee before I know that they have enough people on the books to be able to cater for precise timeframes and locations in Dublin city center (they were originally set up in Laois). Would love to hear from anyone with experiece of this or similar agencies… thanks.


    Don’t know about this one – will ask around and see if anyone has used it


    Thanks Sabbi, much appreciated.


    Have had a recommendation of another agency- minder finders- and am looking into it but am beginning to think that maybe a drop in creche (like they used to have at shopping centers) might suit best as its just for a couple of hours and I don’t live in Dublin. Do Drop in creches still exist anywhere in town?


    I know a girl on the beamore rd , looks after children for this type of purpose. Maybe All seasons would provide this too, They did it during the summer

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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