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    For all the small girls out there what do you say..
    If you had the chance (assuming financially well) would you..
    Considering the facts- you have a little one and might want more in the future??

    I ask this because after my two little ones and breastfeeding each one over atleast 15months each my (.)(.) have gone ____________!!!

    I’m in my early twenties and might want one more baby in the future but is contemplating on this.

    Some tips, suggestions what you all think?



    i hope this isn’t TMI 😳


    id love small boobs im only 5 "1 with a dd cup so they are to big 🙁


    If I had the money i would do a kerry katona! Get sucked implanted nipped tucked pokes plucked pulled and powdered! 😆 😆 Go for it loads im sure loads of girls with implants have went on to have babies. Your gas 😆 😆 😆


    Happymammy, I am with you there. what i wouldnt give for a tummy tuck and bigger boobs………i will keep dreaming..


    boobs are a 36c but a big saggy and im only 26 🙁 boo hoo me. but what id give for that makeover she had she looks FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tummy tuck and lipo all the way 🙂


    Im going to get lipotrim!!!


    lipo wont make a different unless you keep working out though. Your always still guarenteed to gain weight if you have another baby! Boobs are forever ha…minus when they need to come out. I really want to but i guess i have the jitters i’ve always been petite and it would be a huge trasnsformation getting used to them. A friend of mine got them done in Peru and the recovering process looked painful 😯


    Hi there,

    If you want to, go for it. I have a vague recollection though, saw somewhere in the past, that if you get it done before having a baby, once you have the baby, everything will move(nipples) – so not too sure where they would end up. Could be wrong!

    I always had little boobs until I hit my thirties – now they have grown – now pregnant so they are massive. Did not try breastfeeding the last time – so still have big boobs from that too. I imagine it takes time for them to settle back into place!


    Would love smaller boobs, hate mine! I’m an F cup and find it very hard to get tops to fit properly , andnow after having my DS they are not as ‘firm’ as they were! Would love to have the nerve to get a reduction…

    Sabrinab 08

    hi girls. i think its the same as a girl wit curly hair would want straight! im a 36 d, would kill to be smaller, always have to buy bigger tops and they never fit right,12 on the bottoms and 14 on the top! back ache, men stareing!!! 🙄 🙄 their not all their cracked up to be honestly!!! when i got preganant they went up to 38 E and a s a result they now have flaming stretch marks on them! in my opinion , big boobs are a pain! but in saying that wouldnt like really small ones either, like 2 backs 😆 😆 Aww sure us women a re never happy!!


    you can say that again we always find something to pick at. Two backs haha but i would only go up to a C cup! 2 sizes i’m not talking HUGE like pamela anderson 😯 .


    what woman doesn’t dream of having a better body…well those who have the best body….
    we’re funny fish us women we’re never happy and i bet if we got something small done we wouldn’t be happy, if the boobs were done then the hips wouldn’t look good to accompany the boobs, then the bum wouldn’t look good to go with the hips and the boobs, then the nose wouldn’t go with the rest and the bags under the eyes, then maybe when we’vew remodelling the whole of ourselves we’d be happy….lol

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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