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    To celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day on 8th of March, The Body Shop are offering one lucky Mumstown member a gorgeous The Body Shop pampering hamper worth €100.

    To be in with a chance to win, simply tell us what is your favourite product from The Body Shop and why?

    The lucky lady will be announced on the 9th of March so don’t miss out on the ultimate treat!

    Good luck everyone :D


    There are some lovely Body Shop products in Shaw’s in Laurence Town Centre if anyone fancies popping in for a look after our event next Tuesday. I am loving their chocolate range – the body butter is so nice its almost edible!


    I just love my Mango Body scrub, it smells soooo good and leaves me with smooth skin…. not a dry patch of skin in sight!!


    definatly has to be coco body butter smells good enough to eat and skin feels so soft after it. 😀


    white musk omg I have been using it since i was 12 im now 29 ! The perfume last for ages much longer than a more expensive brand, I even let my 9 year old use cause its made from all natural ingredients so i know it wont irritate her skin ! I love pampering myself with the white musk shower gel then followed by the lotion and then with the perfume ! I cud smell myself all day!! 😆 😆 they also have this little facial brush that gently exfolates your skin & it works a treat especially for my oily skin 😉


    white musk definitely 😀 cause i’ve loved it since I was a teenager.


    Hiya, I love love love the Body Shop stuff – all of it 🙂
    I hate having to pick a favourite but i have to say i adore the Cocoa Butter Hand and Body lotion – it smells divine xx


    It looks like i’m not the only one but it has to be white musk for me,it was the first perfume i ever bought & i remember feeling so grown up leaving the body shop with it.For christmas presents for years after I always asked for the white musk set that included the body wash & lotion in it.


    oh my favourite was def Oceanis (it was blue) like Haileysmam i used to get gift sets for birthday’s and christmas’ for Years – i had everything in that range at one point – it was a beautiful fresh summery smell which i just loved. I’ve very sensitive skin and have to be careful about what i can/can’t buy but my skin never reacted to this. Gosh the memories that smell invokes – unfortunately i don’t think they carry that range anymore – couldn’t find it on their website last time i looked
    Also love their body butters and have also bought their deodorants – again because my skin dosen’t react to them.


    Ah used to love their pressed powder paper sheets that came like a little paper pad. Fab for keeping in your handbag. Used them all through teens and 20s when I actually had a life!! I heard Kate Midleton uses them (so not too shabby for moi!) but can’t see them on the site anymore.


    White musk…. omg the things you forget!! i would love to smell it now and let dh smell it, it was the sent i wore when we started to date!


    Aw, I remember those pressed powder sheets! So flippin’ handy! And I also love the brush on bronzing beads, and the body scrub…. mmmm mango….. and anything with the shea butter….

    Sheeesh…. how to choose? 😀


    White musk is a smell I totally associate with being a teenager, we all used to have the little body shop bottles!

    For me now, I am loving the chocolate range. I have been using a chocolate body lotion and body butter, its smells so delicious that its almost good enough to eat. I put it on my skin and smell it intermittently during the day, especially as I am off it for lent!! (that makes me sound like a bit of a looper!) 🙄 🙄


    I love their shower gels- they really smell like what they are supposed to- I’m nearly at the end of my christmas shower gel….passion fruit 😀


    Oh – definately the white musk – everything that you can get in the range. Also, love the body butter – makes your skin so soft and smells lovely too.

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